1949 Repop Fender Tips: who makes the best or 4sale

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1949 Repop Fender Tips: who makes the best or 4sale


Post by thsmith » Mon Nov 22, 2004 4:22 pm

Who makes the best fender tip for a 1949(59215-49) or do you have one for sale? The one I have is stainless with 2 bolts attached to the tip and appears to be pretty cheap, maybe they look this way but since the front fender is being reworked wanted to see if a better repop was available or someone here has a nice original for sale.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving !



Post by VT » Fri Nov 26, 2004 4:19 pm

:lol: Get the s/s tips from anybody, they're all the same. (VT 50-0953). Get the bottom front fender trim piece too, (VT 50-0997). V-Twin has the fender thing...down. They've got '49-51 rear fenders, '49-57..you name it. JW finished shooting ALL the pix in their '05 catalog and said they have gobs of new, early AM Big Twin stuff. It's getting wild, and it's getting good. Foot stomping replicating........GOOD...ya' know what I mean Vern???? GOOD Times. Good Building Times ahead. Motor-scooter. Think of how many minds you'll bend filling up at the station. Bow-wow-wow. Women will tear your clothes off.

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