How to remove a frozen seat post

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How to remove a frozen seat post


Post by bakrds » Sun Oct 21, 2007 12:22 am

Any ideas on how to remove a frozen seat post ?? Already had a pipe whench on it so I tried that after soaking it with WD40 for a couple months. Next I made a bracket so I could try to jack it out with a port-a-power.I also tried to drive it in to break it loose.Next is a slide hammer as soon as I find a friend thats got one, but I don't have much hope for it.
Thank's for any ideas, Bakrds

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Post by FlatHeadSix » Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:57 am


It depends on what is holding it in the frame tube to begin with. If it is only rust you should be able to soak it out with PB Blaster or some other good penetrating fluid and tap it out from the bottom. Find a solid rod that will fit through the hole in the bottom of the frame tube and knock it out of there.

If there is a mechanical bind on it, you have a whole different set of problems. I had one that was locked in the frame tube because some previous builder had installed coil mount bolts which were too long. The coil mount bolts bottomed out and some idiot continued to tighten them until they actually pressed dimples into the inside of the tube and pinched the seat post until it would not move. There are also a variety of other ways that the tube can be distorted or pinched or bent until it binds the pogo stick.

If it turns out to be coil mount bolts you can carefully drill out the holes which will relieve the pressure on the seat post. After I got the post out I made an extention to drive a brake cylinder hone far enough down the tube to clean it up.

good luck!


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Post by panz4ever » Mon Oct 22, 2007 6:00 am

My 49 frame had been in a barn for over 30 years. Seat post was stuck firmly in place. Took it to my machinist after I had tried everything else. He used heat and finally got it out. After that I had him install new seat post bushings. Been fine since then.

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