Lug nuts & axle questions

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Lug nuts & axle questions


Post by 64duo » Thu May 12, 2005 4:37 am

1) Anyone use anti-seize on their lug nuts, or should they go on dry?
2) The repair manual says use anti seize lubricant when installing the rear axle, and I'm no rocket scientist. Does that mean anti seize or lubricant like axle grease?

I'm getting ready to reinstall the front & rear's back on the FLH and I'm just learning this as I go. Your indulgance is appreciated.
Thanks Jonathan 64FLH



Post by VT » Thu May 12, 2005 5:43 am

Yeah...use anti-sieze on the lugs and the long (right) rear axle spacer. I ran an old star hub that had been sitting in the desert, at the bottom of a dry swimming pool for 10 or more years, out of an urgent "need to ride' and heated up the rear axle so much, it about welded the axle to the spacer. Wished I'd anti-seized the spacer before I ran the hub into the ground.
If you want make a speed lug wrench, find a piece of 6", 7/16' hex stock (like a huge Allen wrench) and cut the elbow off it. Then you can use a 7/16 socket on a 20 dollar Harbor Freight air fed butterfly. V-i-t-t-t, v-i-t-t-t, it's off of there. :lol:

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