New- 3.5 Replica Fuel Tanks

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New- 3.5 Replica Fuel Tanks


Post by VintageTwin » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:45 pm

1-7- 09 "They wanted me to let you know that they're working on the tanks and it’s going pretty well. When I get any other updates from him, I’ll pass it on." - js
$1,500.00 OEM 3.5 fuel tanks are now reserved for the "restorers". Expect to pay less for contour-replica 3.5's from V-Twin®

The "please" list:
1. Please spend the money to make the tanks cubically exact replicas.
2. Please make the backside of the tank indents exactly as OEM. The (right) tank has a diagonal indent (raceway) for the woven-asphalt "C" conduit. Without that (electrical) raceway, the tank won't fit the frame correctly.
3. Please make all of the contours at the bottom edge of the tank exactly as OEM. Yes, it will probably cost twice as much, but if the tanks are made exactly as OEM (without the emblem indents or spot-welded mount brackets), the OHV public will accept them as a work of art.
4. Please slant the fill necks of the tanks as OEM.
5. Please make the mount tabs of a lighter gauge metal as OEM - not the heavy Zel® type as with the CCI 3.5's.
6. Test fit a current, stock, AM (aftermarket) dash cover (w/rubber strip) to insure the tank tops will match the arc of the cover. In other words, build a tank under the existing repop covers.
7. Don't allow any design-flaw "footing" for critics to pick at, (except for the indentless emblem mounts) [an answer for that is, "Harley-Davidson® makes the emblems with fuel/proof 3M adhesive mount strips. What year emblems are you looking for?"]

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