1949-1953 controls dead spot

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1949-1953 controls dead spot


Post by panfreak » Fri Oct 01, 2004 5:00 pm

Hey everyone.
I have controls on my pan that are the 49-53 style. I have fiddled with the linkage, and tried everything I can to make the throttle as responsive as possible, but there is still a dead spot when changing direction of the twist. The plunger is not sloppy in it's guide, seems to be a good fit. I tried pulling and pushing on the wire when tightening the set screw on the linkage, neither helped. The best I can get it still leaves almost an 1/8th of a turn before you can get the cable to change direction either way. Everything is greased lightly, and actuates smooth, just not responsive that way. Near as I can tell it's just '50s technology, and this may be why they changed to something better. Am I correct, and should I just live with it? I can ride her OK, but I was wondering if there may be a way of improving this or maybe I'm forgetting something? I should add there is no spring, would this help?

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Re: 1949-1953 controls


Post by VintageTwin » Mon Oct 04, 2004 4:13 pm

Look for any slop between the mechanical parts. Like on the handlebar slot on a '54-up throttle. The two round rollers that stack on the plunger pin should be tight in the slot. Any worn slop in the slot will delay the throttle response. Sorry, but I only know '54-up spirals.

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