Frame painting vs. powder coating

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Trey Bruggeman

Frame painting vs. powder coating


Post by Trey Bruggeman » Wed Sep 29, 2004 6:21 pm

Just looking for some suggestions as to how to finish my FL frame. I am not planning on putting the bike into shows/competitions, so exact factory finish is not important to me. What I am planning on doing is riding this bike on occasion and would like to have a frame finish that looks good and is durable enough to handle occasional riding. Not much rust at all on the frame, but the welds are somewhat rough, as to be expected. Was also wondering if I should smooth out some of the worst welds before refinishing/blasting? Any danger of causing damage by smoothing out some of the weld before painting?

Thanks for any suggestions/comments.

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Re: Frame painting vs. powder coating


Post by PanPal » Wed Sep 29, 2004 6:35 pm

Old frames had weld splatter all over them around the welds from the factory. I would not smooth out welds on an uncut original frame if this is what you have.
Powder coat is very nice, but it will chip. I used PPG paint and a clear coat. Your original paint did not have clear coat.
Just my opinion, others here have more knowledge than myself on painting.

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Re: Frame painting vs. powder coating


Post by Billy » Fri Oct 01, 2004 6:41 am

At the moment I can't remember when the factory went to Welding the frames, But the Early ones were "Furnace Brazed". This was done by heating the whole frame & pouring molten brass over the joints. This is easily recognized by some sanding & if it's golden/brass then you know the rest. & this was indeed a sloppy procedure. Some doing "Correct Resto's leave all the excess & spattering there as it was. I guess it's a personal preference thing!! ;)
If you clean up the frame spatter & don't do much at the joints, I don't see that as weakening the joint connection. But moderation would indeed be prudent!!

Personally, I like powder-coating. All the new HD's frames are powder coated & they hold up well, IMO
There is a topic here, about using JB Weld to smooth the welds & powder coating & it, was said that the JB Weld worked well with the magnetism of powder-coating. This is what I read, I haven't tried it, but would
& will when the opportunity presents itself...

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Re: Frame painting vs. powder coating


Post by VintageTwin » Fri Oct 01, 2004 1:42 pm

The splatter balls from under and around the seat post can be removed with a cold chisel and an 8oz. ball-peen. All it takes is a tap with the hammer. You do this and see if you don't feel a kindred spirit shroud over you. Like you're finishing the welders job. Every piece of slag you remove takes you back to the day the frame was welded. Try it, but leave the welds alone. The braze joint splatter (on a Knuckle frame) won't release. Too soft.

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