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Re Handlebar Spirals


Post by rootwad » Mon Dec 07, 2009 1:10 am

Hey, I got a problem, maybe you guys know more than I do, (duh). I have a 59 custom, pan bottom, shovel top, and I have what I thought were original spiral bars. The throttle was already hooked up, push only (I run an SU carb), so I figured since I had the left hand spiral for spark advance, I would hook it up, maybe the bike would run a bit smoother. Well, I ordered the parts, didn't really pay attention, and as it turns out, when the parts came they didn't fit. The problem is that the bars are a bit older, as the internals, they match up by the picture to the 36 to 48 in the Vtwin book. The slider, what holds the wire and moves back and forth, hooks into the end of the grip. The bars don't have a elongated hole for the internals, they are slotted all the way to the end. I have already re-ordered the parts, I am stuck with a couple of things I don't need, but will hold onto (love having parts around) till someone needs them, but I am curious as to how to identify the year these bars were stock. They are buckhorn bars. I was thinkin' Knucklehead? I have dial-up and it is too slow to download pics. Any help out there?
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Re: Re Handlebar Spirals


Post by RUBONE » Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:04 am

If your bars are slotted all the way to the end they should have grip sleeves held on by two small screws in a ring on the grip sleeve. Those are '49 to '52 style parts, not '36 to '48.

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