Another question re 6V to 12V

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Another question re 6V to 12V


Post by suicideshovel65 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:06 pm

Description: Are the bolt patterns for the mounts the same

Post by suicideshovel65


I have a question regarding the regulator mounts for 6V and 12V regulators:

Are the bolt patterns for the mounts the same?
My bike had a 12V conversion already done when I bought it. It has a Bosch regulator mounted on a homemade aluminium plate/sheet on the front of the engine/frame that has cracked over the years, and I'm thinking of replacing it with an OEM mount.
I have seen both early rigid and later swingarm OEM mounts on eBay, and am wondering if my 12V Bosch regulator is likely to bolt straight up to them (I'd be buying the swingarm frame one).



Post by Cotten


You are best off fabricating your own replacement.
The catalog offerings are "one-size-fitz-none", especially the Accell piece that fitz nuthin.
Old bed frames out of dumpsters are good stock to work from. But stay outa MY dumpsters!!!

.....Cotten (SERIOUS Dumpster Diver.)

Post by suicideshovel65

Hi Cotten,

Thanks for the advice. Are even the OEM parts not worth looking at though? Would a Bosch 12V regulator bolt up to an OEM mount?
I would love to learn more about fabrication and have started loitering at my local bike shop to try and pick up knowledge. I help them out with parts ordering and English etc, and try not to get on the mechanic's tits too much when learning! ;D
I will say though that Tokyo is like a different world to Oz and the US. I'm lucky enough to actually have a spot to park my bike (replete with oil slick) for free, let alone store tools and parts, etc. Some apartments charge $200+ per month for parking spaces - more in some areas if available!



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