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Wiring Crimp Tool & Terminals


Post by VT » Fri May 13, 2005 3:25 pm

Here is the topic is for wiring questions. All the wiring harnesses need shortening and terminal replacement in various areas. I use a terminal tool (only available from Metric Man? through NAPA or another jobber). One of the eyelet terminals we use needed to be hogged-out with a rat-tail file (metric eyelet, too small for SAE posts). If you don't order a terminal kit from Metric Man, then find something better than the blue-collar (crimp-with-a-pair-of-pilers) terminals. They'll drop a wire and cause a fire. Old Bill used blue crimps on my first Pan, saying, "My blue-crimps have never released a wire!!". Well, one did. Under the dash. Primary wire. Caused smoke and panic. :shock:

Here's the newly found Metric man tool and terminals. Affordable. They are sold retail through SoCal Imports (562) 633-9731, L.A., CA. SoCal doesn't have them in stock yet, but tell SoCal that the ETL-1 Crimper and ECX-43 (9/64" about 5/32") and ECX-44 (14/64" about 1/4") terminals are imported from Germany by SoCal's supplier Nighsco Supply in Corona, CA.
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Post by VT » Tue May 17, 2005 9:11 pm

Found where Metric Man went. Turned into to Nighsco. Thanks for the imput PanPal, but I can't go back to the blue crimp and solder... and have the weakest point of my work at the junction of wire and terminal. The terminals I got from Nighsco are #8. That's the smallest he has.
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Post by VT » Wed May 18, 2005 10:39 am

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Re: Wiring Terminals
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Pull the blue insulator off, solder the terminal on the tinned wire and slide the heat shrink tube up to the ring. It looks good, but the OD of the ring doesn't look OEM. They don't work well on the ignition switch, but the red ones do.

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