Pan Regulator/Batt. Problem ???

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Pan Regulator/Batt. Problem ???


Post by bonham3 » Fri Jun 10, 2005 2:55 am

Hi There
Long time no write.
Looking for some help with my 48 Pan charging system.
Am on my second battery in a month. Bike starts and runs fine.
Lights etc. O.K. After running for about ten minutes voltage regulator
(electronic type) is hot as hell. And when i put a meter on the Battery
with bike not running and all power off, voltage drops 1/100 th of a volt
every 3 seconds while keeping meter leads on the battery posts.
I have a 2 brush generator, mallory dist.(electronic) and photo optic ignition module
which i just replaced recently. (blew that up when i accidently hooked up
a new battery bass ackwards and threw the igniton key on) :) didn't have my glasses on:) and a green 3 ohm dyna coil. I pulled the generator
before the heat problem(regulator) to fix an oil leak where it meets the transfer case. Figured i would open it up and clean, ck. brushes, bearings
etc. All seemed fine. Any suggestions? How to's if needed? on checking the
generator and voltage regulator while on the bike. I tried a bench test i read about on the gen. while it was off. +12V to the A terminal -12V to the
F. Was told it would run cclockwise if O.K. It did not. Sorry bout the long
post but wanted to cover as much as i could.
Thank's Bonham3 Ron

case inner.

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Post by fourthgear » Fri Jun 10, 2005 2:04 pm

You say you hooked up battary backwards ? What amperage is your Voltage Reg. putting out @ 2000 RPMs ( you need to put a temp. amp. gage on for testing and a fan to blow air over motor when running in place )You may have fried the Reg. and are over charging Batt.. What voltage are you putting out @ 2000 rpm. The # of RPM s doesn't mean that much if you aren't putting out or putting out to much at idle though.They make a low amp. voltage reg. for the small Batt. You might want to look for a shorted or miss wired charging system.

Ron L.

reply and another post about coil


Post by Ron L. » Fri Jun 10, 2005 4:16 pm

No idea about the amps. Was looking for a way to test the regulator.
I flashed the gen. today. Now i need to start bike and run some tests.
I have DMM (digital multimeter) but not sure what to test for.
I also had a question about my coil wiring. I have a single, color green,
3 ohm dynacoil. I get spark no matter which way i hook up the red and green wires but when i hook it up one way i get a single spark at the plug
when i turn my ignition off (key) What terminals on the coil are the proper
ones for my green (dist. wire) and two red wires (dist. and positve) ???

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Voltage output


Post by bonham3 » Sun Jun 12, 2005 1:54 am

At idle, about 12.6 volts, rev it up a little and i get a small increase
a couple tenths of a volt. At 2 grand not a full volt reading. I put the meter
on the batt.

Bonham 3 Ron L.

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