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Gel cell batteries


Post by Kurt » Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:17 pm

Author: Kurt

I think this should generate a little happiness in the cycling world.
We're working with our battery manufacturer GS Batteries, to produce us a line of gel cells that are the size and shape of an original battery. We are going to make them in 12-volt to go with our conversion kit and are checking into what it will take to make them in 6-volt also.
We're also going to see how close they can be made to an original on the outside for restoration purposes.
I'm hoping to have them before the end of the year...........


Post by bigmike

GNB, (I think it was them, incredi-cell?) had a gel cell the right size for the rectangular side mounted battery box on a '65 and up big twin. (12V) we used them in 4 battery strings for telecom applications. about 10-12 years ago. (we sure had a lot of "out of box failures" then. ;-) I don't remember the exact size or part number.... I'm pretty useless eh?..... dain bramage!) The gel cells worked pretty well, but we changed them every year on the scooters to be safe. (6 of 11 guys who worked for me at that time rode) A 6V which would fit in the "horseshoe" oil tank mount would be slick! instead of gel, how about KOH or NiMh? they would last forever, but kinda pricey

Post by Kurt

I guess I should have elaborated on which models they are for. Basically it's the HM5 battery for 1929 thru 1963--45 models and Big Twins 1937 thru 1964.
I want to keep it affordable, so we'll stick with the Gel Cell type for now. I'll ask them about other options though.


Post by sidecar

I'm actually surprised that they don't make them now.
I've got a buddy that owns American Battery and can fit just about every size available. All I do is tell him the dimensions and post type and location to get a battery. I really don't have a brand loyalty on batteries so it never matter to me who made them.
BigMike, did you get into the larger GNB cells ??? I used to work with the wet ones and repair motive power batteries. The largest 2 volt wet cells I worked with were 1500 lbs each. Largest motive power battery I repaired was 14,000 lbs out of a mine tractor. Talk about some heavy stuff !!!!!! :-)
You should have seen the battery chargers and discharge equipment that we had too !!!!
I jumpered 6 cells together one time to a car headlight. I finally disconnected it, after burning continuously for 6 months, without recharging. It did light up the parking lot kinda nice at night !

Post by kell

I suspect gels don't have the ass to push a starter motor... anybody tried it?

Post by bigmike

I've worked with the biggies too sidecar, the old style round "Bell-Cells" and the huge MF's in submarines too.
I had one of those 300 Lb. jobs in 6V, I used it to jump start tractors and old V8 flatheads for over 3 years without charging it. When it finally needed a charge, I didn't have a charger which could put out enough current for long enough without tripping to charge it. Ended up junking it. (well actually burying it, along with a lot of other stuff I couldn't get rid of)

Post by sidecar

BigMike, I hope you haven't buried anyone I know !!!!!
I can see that I don't want to piss you off !!!! :-)
Those sub batts are some serious paperweights aren't they ??
I always liked the look of the round cells. They were a pain to haul around though. Banding the old ones down to a pallet was a real pain. We took our time to do it. $90.00/hr put some nice change in the shops pocketbook !! Owner kept telling me, "Be safe & do it right. Take as much time as you need."
Hell, we were billing over $800.00 a day and I have no idea what the scrap value was on 40,000+ lbs of these things

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Re: Gel cell batteries


Post by panz4ever » Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:12 pm

Got an exact size replacement gel battery from Jireh. Think it has more CCA than original as well. Fires the 65 right up and no more worries about leaking acid. Terminal posts are in the exact spot as well.

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