54 back together, strange dash lights

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54 back together, strange dash lights


Post by plattd » Sun Jun 07, 2009 8:24 pm

First I want to thank all you out there for the help you've given through these pages. I finally got this 54 panchop up and running after complete rebuild. Started right up, miracle of miracles, and seems to run pretty sweet. Whines much less. Shortened up from a S&S Super B to the Super E, and my knee is much happier. Here's the present issue: ignition off, no dash lights. Check. Ignition on, both oil and gen lights on. Check. After engine starts up from cold, both lights go out. Check. Go for a break-in ride once engine warmed up and, with the headlight switched on now, both lights come on (dimly) and also seem to act together. ??? The warmer the engine gets, the more they just stay on, both of them, although the oil is definitely circulating and the gen seems to be charging (headlight stays bright). Also (maybe this is the key) I've noticed that when the bike is off, if I turn the switch all the way to headlight, both dash lights go out. Needless to say this is a repop ignition switch with a nasty dead spot between 'on' and 'lights'. Any of this sound familiar enough to point me in the right direction? It's just nerve-wracking to be riding along with those damn lights on. I'm running a model 65A 12V gen and a standard 3 post reg.


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