Clutch slipping

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Clutch slipping


Post by GreasyRag53 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:29 pm

I got the bike running again yesterday, I pulled in the clutch while in neutral and popped it down into first.
When I drop into gear, the clutch grabs with clutch lever still pulled in and then i stall out.

It started with my actuating lever losing tension, I opened up the primary got it all back where I felt it should be.
etc. so on and a couple days later Im having the problem Im having now. I get back into the primary and play with the tension springs on the clutch.
It has acted in different ways during adjustments, maybe it wont grab as bad or enough to stall out, but the trans still engages with the clutch lever pulled in.

In the manual its telling me about 3 adjusting screw nuts, mine has 5. Dont know how much of a difference this makes, in the manual Im told to leave the springs at 31/32" any less than 7/8" is no bueno but Im not sure if this applies to this clutch.

I thought I may have tightened the springs too much at one point I tried to kick the bike over and I got this epmty hollow type sound kinda like a "whoo, whoo" coming out of the clutch, when I loosened the springs I lost the sound that wasnt right, but then my problems just go back to what I was sayin above...

If I can get the bike rideable and the clutch is pulling, when Im stopped I have to keep my foot on the brake, its like Im trying to burnout.. ugh.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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