4 Speed tranny problems

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4 Speed tranny problems


Post by txpan49 » Sun Jan 22, 2006 8:33 pm

Hey guys, I have been working on my Fall project, 1949 Pan Chopper and have got it all back together. Before rebuild the tranny was hard to down shift but upshifted pretty good. I decided not to got into the trans this build but did change the mainseal which was leaking.
On the initial voyage after putting it back together the tranny was very hard to shift and the clutch rattled. I readjusted everything. Now the tranny is stuck in 1st and I cannot get it out of gear into neutral. Any ideas what I may have done. I don't know much about transmission innards.


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Re: 4 Speed tranny problems


Post by fourthgear » Sun Jan 22, 2006 10:30 pm

My first thought is a broken shifting fork, when they are loose they make for hard shifting one way or the other. I assume the clutch is disengaging or you would have said I COULDN'T"T STOP IT ! Had one take off once while adj. carb , luckily I grabbed some clutch and it didn't make to the end of the shop. Found the main drive gear bushing welded itself to main shaft ( thats pretty unusual to say the least ) we believe long storage caused it . You may have to pull the top off and investigate.

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