Slipping clutch

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Slipping clutch


Post by fourthgear » Thu Dec 20, 2007 3:40 pm

I had a good one last month , My clutch started slipping when riding two up , I only felt it in fourth of course . Well I disassembled every thing of course for inspection ( belt drive )and this is what I found; Note : this is the first belt drive I have ever had , so I'm a rookie , so to speak.

1- hair like coating on inner primary and outer cover from belt , thats when I found the tranny mount plate loose . I think I did not remove powder coat from the bottom of the front mounting holes on the frame . I had castellated nuts with cotter pins, I now have split ring lock washers and nyloc nuts. It was enough to let the tranny move back and forth to eat up the belt a little.BDL kit came with a spare , belt seems to be still serviceable


# 2- The sprocket shaft (tapered shaft )nut was not @ 80 ft.pounds as I torqued it down upon assembly, I did not need to use any thing to hold the drive to loosen it , it was lok tight-ed upon assem. , this I find perplexing , can the belt hub loosen or should you torque it down then loosen and re-torque ?The nut was not loose ,but no way was it torqued much . I changed from the stock nut , eliminated the large washer and used the large nut that came with the kit . Just eliminating that washer , gained a deeper seating nut , more threads in the nut. The stock one did have less threads in it and maybe help, don't ask me why I did not use the big nut first. I thought you had to use that big washer and when using it with the big nut , it only was hold on by a thread or two. Like I have said , first timer bone head mistake .

# 3- The clutch assem , I have the big fix type clutch with 52 long rollers,the grease that came with the kit was gone and of course migrated on to the bottom friction plate and I believe is what caused my slipping problem.


This clutch is supposed to be wet/dry , but that grease my have been a bit much . after searching for a solution for a diff. type of grease for the clutch hub bearing , I came up with this one and I have about 3-400 miles so far ( hunting trip ate up some riding time ) and all seems fine .


I believe I will have to inspect (PM ) this assembly more often , this is for sure, not sure how often yet , but will probably check @ 500 first and see how it looks . It was a shock to see little lubricant on that bearing, totally my bad, as was the non removal of such a small amount of powder coat. As I said this is my first belt drive system and my inexperience could have caused some expensive damage .I'm glad my 65 has a closed(sealed & oil filled ) chain system. I would like to hear comments and any input and hope my experience can help others . This clutch has been great and had no problems until this incident.

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Post by PanPal » Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:15 pm

I can't give you sound advise on your set up, but I learned the hard way this summer about the nut inside the oil deflector holding the sprocket on. The original set up on a 59 has the washer with tabs to bend over and keep the nut from backing off. It is important that this nut stays secure. The transmission case and gears don't like being in 2 gears at the same time. She's been down since late August. I have all new internal parts a newly acquired original case and was able to repair my ratchet lid. Now I need some time to get it together. Before a long trip I will always at least check to make sure the sprocket does not have play side to side. I wouldn't even have had to take anything apart to check it. :oops:

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