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Clair Dietz

Convert to electric start


Post by Clair Dietz » Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:15 pm

Post by Clair Dietz on Sept 12, 2003, 7:46pm

Hi, I have a 1962 panhead that I want to switch over to electric start due to problems with my legs that will not allow me to kick anymore. I understand that there is a company in New York? that makes a kit that allows you to use the existing primary tins etc. and gives you all necessary to make the change. If you know the name of the company, its address and phone number that would really help me out. Also, if you can provide any info. that will help me with the changeover please provide it. A little info about the bike. It is a stock '62 with a kicker frame, original tranny, set up for 6 volt system.

Has anyone done this before?

Post by 59pan on Sept 13, 2003, 4:03am

Try The kit looks pretty slick. I haven't put one on my 59 yet but I think eventually I will tire of kicking also.
It looks like the average pan owner could do the installation but it is a little pricey.
There was a thread on this a few months ago.

Post by darkjuju on Sept 18, 2003, 11:16am

there is a god!!

Post by rda48pan on Dec 28, 2003, 4:25am

Yes i have a 48 pan with a electric start.Tec. Cycles have a kit but i think you will have to go 12 volt.I just started it a month ago so far doing great

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