Rachet Lid Question

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Rachet Lid Question


Post by Ripley/Fla » Wed Jan 23, 2008 4:49 am

My new bike came with a jockey shift/skull arm attached to a rachet lid. It did not shift right so the rachet lid came apart. I found broken springs and a lot of worn out parts. I replaced the bushings and got what parts I could from Big Twin and on Ebay. I could not find the shifter pawls. It is back together and the rachet lid (only) shifts fine going from 2nd to 3rd to 4th. It shifts fine going from 4th to 3rd to 2nd. It will go fairly easy into neutral from either 2nd or 1st. The problem is going from neutral to 1st or 2nd. It seems to run out of throw, if you do it 'gently.' I have to crank on the shifter plate pretty hard to get it to go into first. The shift from 1st to 2nd seems hard as it passes the neutral detent. Any observations? Would this be a sign of worn out shifter pawls? Thanks for your help!

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Post by Pooka » Wed Jan 23, 2008 5:38 am

Did you realign the shift forks to the lid after rebuilding the lid ?

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Post by Ripley/Fla » Wed Jan 23, 2008 3:17 pm

Yes, as per manual!

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Post by panz4ever » Wed Jan 23, 2008 5:19 pm

Michael, go to nosparts.com. They carry both the right and left shifter pawls.

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Post by PanPal » Fri Jan 25, 2008 7:21 pm

The plate holding the pawls is adjustable also. when it is assembled, you need to adjust the plate so you get full throw shifting up and down. The biggest gap is between 1st and 2nd.

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