Transmission: will an electric start work

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Transmission: will an electric start work


Post by ajockeyshift » Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:30 am

I am building what I have come to call "Johhny Cash's Caddy", a '64 Pan motor in a '72 frame with the tin from a 2000 Roadking.
I want an electric start on this one so I have found a '65 inner primary. I am sure that with a little work I can get it to mate to the motor. The problem I am looking at is w/ the trans. I have a '64 trans but can get a 65-e79 case. I am sure all the internals will be interchangeable. The problem comes with the trans. main shaft. The 36-64 shaft is 11.730" long, the 65-69 11.985". That is not much of a difference for mounting the cast inner primary.
Now the 70-e84 shaft is 12.470". With app. 1" in difference I can see where this might work. Does anybody have any ideas or thoughts.

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Re: Transmission: will this work


Post by 1 star » Thu Mar 24, 2005 1:59 pm

I'm sure you are aware that the road king gas tank, is a 1 piece & you can't use a mechanical speed-0
As they run electronic speed-0's

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Re: Transmission: will this work


Post by Cotten » Thu Mar 24, 2005 2:54 pm

I assume it is titled as a '72.

I installed a Knuck into a '65 chassis (the original KneglectaGlide) and found that the Factory changed the centerline of the tranny to the frame. Or something. Because the knuck dropped in near perfect without any juggling of mainshafts or alteration to the chassis.
Miraculously, even the chain ran straight.

Back when it wasn't so sinful, I had milled ~1/6" of an inch off of the primary lip on the left case. Then a aluminum plate was carved to fit within it, as a shimm to mate the inner primary. Seems like I did have to egg out the three bolt holes on the primary. That's reversible.

The bottom line is that only a mock-up will tell you where your are., and what you need.

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