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Transmission mounting


Post by panwars » Tue Apr 08, 2008 3:20 pm

Description: I need a different mount plate

Post by panwars

HELP! Well here is another fine mess I have got myself into. I purchased a new Chrome Horse 4spd with Andrews close ratio gear set. supposed to fit 36 up to ? Way cheaper than buying all the parts I needed separately, or so I thought. My bike frame is late 49 mostly stock. My old trans has indicating bosses on bottom that fit in reliefs in the mount plate to keep it straight when adjusting. This new case is perfectly flat on the bottom, and with the studs being smaller than the slots in the plate, it floats all over the place.
Not having ever worked on newer bikes, is this a later trans design and I need a different mount plate, say 65 and up? The rest of the case is perfect, I just can't align it. I have seen a plate offered that is adjusted with two screws, is this what I need. Shit I tore this down thinking I could finish it over the Holiday, well hoping I could. I kind of new this or something like this would happen. It never fails huh? Next the sun will come out and the bike is DEAD. HELP Please..............

Guess I'll go watch the 500 for now thanks.

Post by Mbskeam on May 30, 2004, 5:54pm

hello, I bought the same case a few years ago. the ad said "fits 36-64" . well that is bull because of what you describe with the lugs mach. off and did you notice the lack of counter shaft plate cover holes on the out side , behind where the sprocket goes.,what they are doing is taking late model cases and cuting off the primary case mounting lugs and bottom lugs and passing this off as a direct replacement.. when all this happened the mount plate you found was not being made yet. I thought about mounting my own lugs to bottom then mach. them to correct size. but the day before I was to do this work I found a better case from CAL PRODUCTS for only 20.00$ more it was 220.00 $ when I got it from them. so I pushed out the races I had put into the chrome joke case and sent it back. The cal case has the correct lugs and other stuff where it should be. the mount plate would probably be your best bet I think , unless you want to get dirty and swap parts around. I have used this plate on a bike I'm building with a friend. it seams to work ok. do you have chain primary or belt drive.if its a belt then you might need to make the mount slots about 1/4" longer to the front of bike. this will really save you from alot of head ache later.


Post by panwars on May 30, 2004, 8:09pm

Thanks for the info, I guess I will order the plate. I just hope the rest of this box is worth the effort and money. I thought about making shim tubes to go over the studs and tighten them in the slots. I am running chain primary so I don't need perfection. I just don't like the idea of the studs only anchoring this box against twist. I don't drive it hard though (no burnouts) so it will probably work ok. Have you or anybody seen one of these boxes in use? supposed to be Andrews gears etc.

Post by Mbskeam on May 30, 2004, 11:16pm

hello, as for not running with out lugs I dont know if this is ok or not.I had my machinist buddy make me studs that have 1/2 OD shoulder 7/16 Lg built into them they work great. opened up the mount plate slots to 1/2. this makes the trany twist almost nill.the proto way was to put thin wall tube as you said. will work good also. my friend likes to play on the lathe so I get some cool parts, we trade labor and such.

Post by Jack Hester on May 30, 2004, 11:34pm

Panwars -

If you have experience in building trannys, or know someone who can, gut the new one and use the parts in your old case. I prefer original cases, anyway, if they are in good shape. Use the new bearing races, the works. Leave the new case bare, when you are done. You will have to get new countershaft thrust washers, as your original case will be different in its dimensions, as compared to the new. Then, you'll know that it fits and works. Always a way.


Post by panwars on May 31, 2004, 12:09am

Good ideas and thoughts, thanks. I still am wondering if later boxes had lugs on the bottom (66 and up). If they didn't what indicated them, better stud fit? Or a better (different) adjustment system? The plate they sell is totaly flat, so a lugged trans wouldn't fit, but it doesn't look like it would change much more than if I just got my studs to fit tighter. The mount plate itself has a little movement when loose, could be used as final trim adjustment. With two chains I think close will count. I just don't want it to flop around to a different position when being adjusted. I still would love to know if these boxes are any good, there are an awful lot of builders using, and places selling them on line. Hope that counts for something.

Post by Mbskeam on May 31, 2004, 3:06am

hello, I think the later bikes use the 4 mounts off the side of the alum inner primary. but I might be wrong about this. some one with shovel will know. yes chain is more forgiving, but if it is not lined up it will make noise and also will wear on sprockets and chain. I have seen this on the machinery I build when one of the monkeys I work with sets up a sprocket missalined. :-X and I get the honor of fixing it, o- joy, o- fun.

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