Ratchet top

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Ratchet top


Post by Gearbox » Tue Apr 15, 2008 12:58 pm

It seems like I have a newer mod.(Shovel ) shift cam in the ratchet top on my 65 and I thought some thing was out of adj. with the shifting forks or some thing , but with the newer shift cam in there, its shifts back wards from normal , go figure.
My question is do I just replace the pawl carrier and shift lever over to what a Panhead should have and install it pointing down ( this one is pointing up and can't be changed because of the alignment pins ), like it should be, or is there more to it? I know I have read this problem in a post some time ago. Thanks

Post by dremelts on Dec 13, 2006, 8:25pm

I don't have a real definitive answer for you but when you are looking at the pawl carrier from the end are the alignment pins below the horizontal centerline like this?


If they are I am guessing you just have to get the proper lever so that it mounts pointing down like it should.
What little reference material I have here at work does not seem to indicate that there is more than but one pawl carrier. But it does indicate that there is a different lever for some late 70s FX models.

Post by gearbox

I'll take the cover off when I get home ,but there is one diff., the arm thats on there has four screws in it and all the ones I remember have only three like your photo. Thats what makes me wounder about the pawl carrier on this one.

Post by gearbox

I took the cover off and photoed it , it looks like I can just get a new arm and cover. The fourth hole is at the top and the alignment pins and screw holes look like they are the same.
I will put the photo in tech. and make a link here cause I still can't figure out how to put an image on right here.

Post by VPHD

Perhaps you have a ratchet lid or just the drum from a 74-79 Superglide. Those models shift backwards in relation to an FLH. Most of these are cast, but not all.

Post by gearbox

It does have the FX type drum in there and as was said in the above post , I think a early foot shift lever will go right on ( thanks for the photo 57pan )and I will probably get the dust cover to go with it ,hell it might be a post 1974 ratchet top for all I know. I removed the top so I will look for numbers out of curiosity.
panhead ( main man )
I will continue to use the link thru the picture forum , at least I can get it to work and I see you made a Tech. file that I saw after I already set it up for misc. , thanks for putting in there , I will use it again.



Post by VT » Thu Apr 17, 2008 5:20 pm

Yeah, if you have the FX cast shifter drum, you have the poifect shifter drum for ratchet jockey, since your shift pattern will be forward for first, back for neutral, back, back, back for fourth and your balling-the-jack at about 55 mph at this point. Now just twist the throttle and see how much fuel Mr. Linkert can handle.
I found an article from an obsolete magazine that covers "Tuning Up the Ratchet Top". It's about 5 pages. I'll try and scan them and post them here. Hopefully we will still be able to read the type. Pics are good.

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