Chain lube on primary chain

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Chain lube on primary chain


Post by 51Hog » Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:43 pm

Author: 51hog

I know these great old bikes are supposed to leak oil. BUT:
Has anyone turned off their primary oiler and just used chain lube? The kind that almost all bikes use on their rear chains.
I don't run any oil or lube on my off road 4 wheelers.
The lube just attracts and holds sand. Sand is abrasive and just wears away at everything
I have about 4000 miles on one of the dry chains and the sprockets and chain are just fine.

Post by panacea

I accidentally turned down my oiler too much on my 49 and ruined a new chain in 300 miles....Didn't leak a drop!...MW

Post by 51hog

I am not trying to run it with no lube.
Just looking to learn if anyone has actually tried chain lube, and what their results were.

Post by kickit

Try this ... chain+lube

Post by 51hog

Thanks for the reply Kickit.
Have you actually tried any of these lubes on the dry primary chain?

Post by kickit

Not on the primary, belt is the only way to go for me.
I think if you use a good lube it may work but you would have to keep your eye on it. The PJ1 holds up good on the chain drive Crotch Rockets so it should hold up maybe even better enclosed. Just my .02

Post by 51hog

I was thinking the same thing.
I do not know how much the ricers weigh, but I think that with the abuse that they take on acceleration, it may make up for lack of weight and the work that the chain has to do.
Since it looks like no-one that I can find has actually tried this, and it is all speculation, I may put my old sprockets and chain back on and see how long it takes for it to wear away.

Post by skip

try an o ring chain...needs oiled less often...a little wider...I don't care for them, I prefer the leaking.

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Re: Chain lube on primary chain


Post by 58flh » Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:58 pm

I always check on my primary-chain. my oiler is off- & i use pj1,&tried others, I like the pj seems to hang-in a little longer! i usually pop-off the sighthole every 100 or 120 miles stick my finger in check for slack & lube. spray her up when needed real good. been doing this for as long as i can remember. i am still running the same chain for about 6yrs. now right about the time when i did my clutch. and i have no problems with it!------ 58flh

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