Shift gate rattle

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Shift gate rattle


Post by panfreak » Fri Jan 23, 2009 3:51 pm

Author: panfreak

This is the only noise my pan makes that really irritates me. I guess it's the metal on metal resonating through the tank, but those of you who know what I'm talking about have to agree, pretty annoying, and relatively loud!
Solved it, can't believe in hindsight what a racket that lever was making. What I did:

> found a piece of dense neoprene about 1/2" thick.
>removed lever and gate and cut to fit inside.
>marked line straight in the middle of shift pattern.
>cut slice where mark was and used weather strip adhesive to glue inside gate.

I know I didn't reinvent the wheel, but you can't see the foam under edge of gate, and you can only tell by seeing it in the tiny gap from top view, it's black so barely noticeable. The foam creates enough pressure to dampen rattling completely, yet shifting is still smooth. I'm into it for $2.00, the price for a scrap of foam. You have to use utility knife to carve carefully a little area to fit bolts in to attach gate to tank, but as far as increasing ride enjoyability, this rates right up there.

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