Clutch won't work

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Clutch won't work


Post by gordon » Sat Jun 18, 2005 10:48 am

Well I can't seam to be able to figure out why the clutch arm won't move the pressure plate out and disingauge the clutch??? Can't seem to figure out what I'm missing here. Its a revtec 4 speed with a 5 finger clutch hub and a earley style throw out bearing, It's got a earley harley oem kicker cover that has the clearence for the early throw out bearing, It's got the right lenght clutch rod that slides easley through the main shaft, I'ts got a mouse trap clutch arm that I almost bent trying to dis-ingauge the clutch. the trannie is on the work bench not in the bike yet. I've had the kicker cover off and the clutch apart half a dozen times trying to figure out the problem. I've re assembled this thing so many times I can do it with my eyes closed. The next thing Ill tyr is removing half of the clutch springs and see what that does. Anyone out there have any ideas what the problem might be????????
Thanks, Gordon

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Re: Clutch won't work


Post by mbskeam » Sat Jun 18, 2005 7:46 pm


does the pushrod move in and out when you pull on the arm with out the clutch plates in. it should move around 1/8".
if it dont then I would look in the kicker cover. to see that the throw out is mated up right to the finger that is on the clutch arm shaft.(is the finger the same for old syle vs new) I dont know this one
if it moves the correct amount of throw then, it must be in how you are puting the clutch pack togethor, do you have a service book, the parts books also have very good exploded views also.
some things are kinda hard to know what is going on ,and not look at it.



Re: Clutch won't work


Post by gordon » Sun Jun 19, 2005 9:31 am

Mbskeam, thanks for your reply
Well the push rod works fine , the throwout bearing is aligned with the release finger ok ( it is the later model release finger though with the forked end) but I did get the books out though to further reserch the problem and take a closer look at the clutch pack as per your suggestion and found a possible problem. It seems from 67 and earlier the clutch takes 3 steel discs and 4 friction discs and 68 and later it takes 4 steel discs and 5 friction discs. well I took out one of the steel discs and one of the friction discs to the earlyer spects and now it works fine. ( the clutch springs were bound up too tight the way I had it with 4 steels and 5 friction discs) But the clutch hub look a little empty with out those two extra discs. now I'm going to go on a quest to find out how to run those two other discs in there (later style) to fill up the empty space. I've got the1958-1968 parts book and it shows two different springs with two different part numbers one for 68 and up and one for 67 and earlyer , that might be why this clutch won"t work with 4 steels and 5 friction discs I've probly got a set of 67 and earlyer springs in there.
Oh yea. I'ts a 5 finger inside a inch and a half belt drive clutch hub with stock harley steel discs and sonnax heavy duty kevlar friction discs.

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Re: Clutch won't work


Post by weezeo » Sun Jun 26, 2005 7:18 am


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Re: Clutch won't work


Post by rigidpanman » Thu Jun 30, 2005 1:43 pm

gordon,just for info,the 2 spring numbers refer to the early(foot clutch and mousetrap setup) and the later(non mousetrap)versions.the early used a heavy spring and the later used a lighter spring.


Re: Clutch won't work


Post by p » Sat Jul 02, 2005 6:27 am

There is also two different release fingers. The early one has lobes on the fingers and the later one does not. the travel on the rod is greater with the earlier release finger. Hope this helps.


Re: Clutch won't work


Post by gordon » Sat Jul 02, 2005 8:20 am

Thanks guys for your imput on this clutch problem I'm having.
I've ordered a set of 67 and up barnett clutch springs so I can compare them to what I have but according to what rigidpanman is saying they probley won't work as I'm running a mousetrap, it seems to work fine now after I took out one of the steel and one of the fiber plates so I will probley try running it like Weez does with 3 steels and 4 fiber plates.
The bike is so close to being finished but unfortunately I'm in the process of building a house and moving in 4 weeks so it's hard to get the time to work on the bike.
Thanks again , Gordon

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Re: Clutch won't work


Post by 58flh » Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:30 pm

Rigidpanman said it best!---HEs been running a plate & a disc short for 30yrs.--(NO PROBLEMS). In the past I have run a few short on more then 1 ocasion!-Guys would come up to the shop & say (I want this installed like this--1-plate,1disc short!)-And they run with no problems, no slippage, no smell, no heatin-up & to squeeze the handle , you can do it with 2 fingers no problem!--These guys that I service thier machines for are old-timers, I mean they gotta have 20yrs. on me! & they been doing that forever! Ill tell you something after squeezing that handle,Im going a disc& plate less next-time it calls for it!-----RICHIE :twisted:

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