Cluch guestion

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Cluch guestion


Post by 61FLHPan » Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:31 pm

I have guestion a old timer told me to clean my cluches in transmission fluid I did that put the cluch back together now it slipping cant even get a good kick throw did anybody every do this.Thank You

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Re: Cluch guestion


Post by Dave_R » Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:00 pm

That may be OK for a wet clutch, but not for a dry clutch.

If the plates are oily and slipping, what I do is clean the plates with kerosene, followed with soap and water. Dry completely before re-assembly.

You now need to do this it get the oily transmission fluid film off of the plates. This will keep them from slipping.

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Re: Cluch guestion


Post by 58flh » Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:09 pm

ALOT of companies nowadays say to soak thier clutches(friction-Discs) in Automatic Trans Fluid! for 15,-min.----Then wipe them off good! & Install as usual!---Obviosly you make sure nothing is rubbibg on any of the parts!/If the friction plates rub, just find a drillbit 1/32 larger & drill away! If the steels are not moving smoothly,-Take a (millsmooth-file),& lightly file each slot that the plates ride in!.( Be careful when doing this as you dont want to remove unessessary matieral!)-Just enuff to put the plate in & have them drop down with no binding---Also check all bthe steel-plates used or NEW!--YOU never know when that little burr will get ya!. After you have done all this & had a beer ofcoarse/CLEAN it all to the EAT OFF IT STAGE!. I use a small brush withwheel-bearing grease!(apply very lightly to the inside of the hub where all the moving parts are SPINNING-FAST!.NOW ADJ. your clutch & squeeze it or foot it & watch the plates work in action!--IF no bind-ups!--(GOOD-JOB).------RICHIE :twisted:

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