Rear Belt..this was meant as a reply to Billpan58

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Rear Belt..this was meant as a reply to Billpan58


Post by drinner-okc » Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:33 am

Bill, the easy answer is yes it can be done. This is America after, built by sons-a-bitches that
would not accept the answer 'It can't be done".
But with the other question 'Why?' asked I'll throw in 'How stock is your bike & how stock do you want it to appear?'
Harley built a Shovelhead dual belt 'Sturgis' on the standard FX platform, 4-speed swing arm frame. So, most of the parts exist already.
I have not measured, but you would probably need to change to a square tube swingarm,
Disc brake & pulley rear wheel. At the transmission you would need at least the 65-69 main shaft and clutch pushrod. The main drive gear would have to be changed accept the front pulley. You might need to cut/grind clearance around the main seal boss on the case. then either notch, space (way) out the inner primary, or just run without covers.
I may be way off on the main drive gear. The early sturgis may have used a 10 spline gear, but all i've seen apart had the fine (involute) splines.
You see, I've give it some thought myself. But my vision is a Pan Powered FXDB Sturgis.
Orange striped mags & all.

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Re: Rear Belt..this was meant as a reply to Billpan58


Post by Billpan58 » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:18 pm

thanks for reply, talked to teck at bdl belt drive yesterday about this idea,says the problem would be getting proper belt for the required pulleys,he doesnt believe it exists. will do more investygation. finally got back on the road last night after new bdl belt installation all seems good. so far. lets work on this idea. later,Bill ps sturgis's were awesome bikes, buddy had one when first came out, went to wauseon few weeks ago no sturgis there,getting rare.

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