Clutch Basket Replacement Sprocket

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Clutch Basket Replacement Sprocket


Post by Johnno » Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:54 am

Probably been asked before but does anyone make a 37 tooth replacement duplex sprocket for the clutch basket? Apart from some tooth wear basket is in good shape & I want to fit a new eng sprocket & primary chain. I have seen complete baskets listed aftermarket but can't find a replacement sprocket listed anywhere ( don't mind if I have to do some machining to fit). Also drain plug pulled out thread, what's the best fix 1. drill & retap O/S 2. Hellicoil back to original 3. Weld, drill & tap back to original? Trans is dissmantled so swarf isn't a problem. Great site, my first post, 49 Pan.

Cheers Aussie Johnno

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