DURABLEs back in production

Linkert related issues
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DURABLEs back in production


Post by Cotten »

After a year without material, my DURABLE replacement floats for Linkert carburetors are once again available.

They are still $40, postpaid worldwide. Please post me direct for inquiries: liberty@npoint.net

Thanks to our Host for allowing my shameless self-promotion!

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Post by thsmith »


This is good news, I am still glad I bought mine. I have not had to touch my Linkert since installing it.

This type of product and service should not be considered shameless but mandatory. No where can you find such a solution.



Cure For Self-Promo Guilt


Post by VT »

Instant relief. Hit the donate button! :lol:

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new float


Post by FlatHeadSix »

Hi Cotten, I installed the new Durable in the M74-B on my '49 FL yesterday. 2 primer kicks, switch on, one more kick and it roared to life and settled down to a nice smooth idle. What a difference from the way it used to behave with the old brass "sinker" in there.
I set it to the factory spec, 1/4" from the top and offset it 1/16" to the left, worked perfect first time. I kept the same needle and seat, just adjusted the little fingers on the lever to eliminate the slack and get the correct spec for the top of the travel.
After a test ride I even had to open up the high speed trimmer a little, the fuel level in the float bowl is correct now so it isn't slopping a lot of extra gas down the throat like it used to.

Thanks again, the check's in the mail (where have you heard that before?)


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Post by fourthgear »

Good for all that you are back in production Cotton. The world of Linkerts has a champion back and friend. good luck.

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Post by Cotten »

I appreciate the feedback, Mike!

And yes, we should all support this forum.

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Post by 51Hog »

Glad they are back. They are a wonderful thing.
I too have installed mine, and have not had any more Linkert problems.
Thanks Cotten!!

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