61 pan-linkert carb

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61 pan-linkert carb


Post by jim »

I have had a long time problem with sparkplug fouling. Does anyone have a solution?

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Post by Cotten »

If you have eliminated all other variables but the carb, then yes, I have solutions.

Not only does this mean double-checking the usual ignition, compression, and valve adjustment concerns, but you must also make certain that your problem does not originate at the manifold.

Please pressuretest it at a constant 15 psi with soap suds. If no bubbles display leaks, then you can safely go on the carb: http://virtualindian.org/11techleaktest.html
A big rubber stopper with a hole in it works, but for convenience, testplates are available from http://www.geocities.com/mbskeam/index3.html

If you have a stock assembly, I have solutions for pesky (and often disastrous) manifold problems as well.

Good luck!




Post by obierider »

Your post is exactly a problem which I had with my '63 FLH. You should go to the old forum for the info. Briefly I; 1) put in one of Cotton's foam floats, 2) pressure tested intake manifold (no leaks found), adn 3) went to a #17 main jet vs. the #19 speced for the bike. The bike now runs great.



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change it to an S & S??

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