STD exhaust configuration

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STD exhaust configuration


Post by kell » Mon Sep 30, 2002 8:44 pm

Description: How will I fare if I have shovel type exhaust on a pan frame?

I'm getting the STD heads for my '52 pan. They need to know whether I want the stock (round, clamp-on) exhaust or a shovel-style exhaust (bolt-on). The bike is customized, not historical and my only concern is whether pipes are available that will fit the frame. It's the stock generator/rigid frame setup. How will I fare if I have shovel type exhaust on a pan frame? Or if I keep the stock exhaust configuration?

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Re: STD exhaust configuration


Post by panhead » Tue Oct 01, 2002 6:13 am

I also have STD heads and use the shovel-style bolt-on type, they have a tighter fit.

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Re: STD exhaust configuration


Post by VintageTwin » Tue Oct 01, 2002 3:08 pm

If you use the STD heads (I was told by V-Twin) you won't find any stock headers for '58-64... unless you find some aftermarket old stock. Now, there's a new term... A.O.S. V-Twin still lists three-bolt headers for 48-57 (VT 29-0160) and they will fit on an OEM or Replica rigid frame, but you should call them @ Zoom Cycle [(888) 316-1994], and find out if they're in stock, and ask about the fitment for your application. The three exhaust bolt holes on an STD head are tapped directly into the aluminum, (like an OEM Shovel), with no insert or any stronger metal to thread the bolt into other than before long, the threads may strip out and then what??? Then you'll be using J-B Weld to try to fix it. Get the spigot STD heads...or if you want to build it stock looking, get the Replica Pan heads from Tedd (VT 10-1066, '55-62) that have Linkert intakes AND spigot exhaust and run your gas and spark control cable inside your handlebars. No one will know where your cables went.

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