Exhaust: tune a shorty

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Exhaust: tune a shorty


Post by Danl » Wed Sep 14, 2005 2:36 pm

How much effect will a change of pipes make on performance/tuning a Super E, or any carb for that matter ? Have heard that straight cut drag pipes are the best way to go on a pan, no matter what you're running up front for fuel mix.

Billy- I tried the set up you sent about tuning a Super E, and it helped. But I'm still dinkin' around with adjustments. Might have something to do with the major diffs in elevation around here - from 1,500' to 7,000'... all within 45-60 mins of each other ! Great riding, but a real hassle. I'm going w/a 38mm Evo CV when I can get my hands on one from the local shop. Anybody on here got one?

I like my ol' two-into-one fishtail, but the "pipes" question came up, since I want to run what works best -on whatever is pumpin' the petrol. If drag pipes is the way to go, anybody got them too ? They don't need to look good, 'cuz I've "brushed" mine to look more like stainless steel rather than chrome (They were already marked up, made do w/what I had).

Cotten- I'm not sure how the "sleeve" job was done on that loose valve seat I talked about before... Might have been a sleeve behind/under the seat to take out any play, or just a new seat. Don't know for sure...? He called it a "sleeve", but however my machinist did it, THAT problem is gone now.


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Re: Exhaust: tune a shorty


Post by PanPal » Wed Sep 14, 2005 2:45 pm

I think 41" -- 1 3/4 drags are the proper tune for pans.

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