Dialing in the advance on a Mallory distributor.

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Dialing in the advance on a Mallory distributor.


Post by zman » Sun May 05, 2013 10:48 pm

I've been running the Mallory electronic distributor successfully for several years now. And I want to set up the optimum curve for easy starts. I purchased the curve change kit ( you can buy one at Amazon or Summitt Racing) and it comes with various color coded advance springs and some numbered keys. I have the YH advance type distributor. Is there anyone out there who has this set up? I have a 1950 Pan with a couple of upgrades: 12 volts, S&S carb, J grind cam, STD heads. The instruction sheet is no help. It seems to be for a V8.

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Re: Dialing in the advance on a Mallory distributor.


Post by 58flh » Mon May 06, 2013 2:15 pm

Zman---I have set-up 1 or 3 afew times!--& I find if you are sure theres no VAC.-Leak!--Then the bike should fire on first-kick!--Assuming you have no leaks & battery is Fully-CHARGED,-then the springs were always a certain way of setting them-up for a street motor!--you have the color-coded springs!--(light, medium, heavy.)--I have found that mixing the lIGHT & MEDIUM ones on each-side worked the best!--(always fired on 1-kick -cold or hot!).--If you run just the light springs ,-you will be bringing the ADV. curve to EARLY!--I found that just MEDIUM ones was not coming in at the sweet-spot!--it was like 3300RPM with a pulse tach & all Medium springs.---With the LIGHT & MED. mix - the ADV. would come in at just under 2900rpm!---(2850--to be EXACT)--With this tension set-up the bike performed great under different situations----2-up or solo riding,& with the J cam I think you will like it alot!---Always pulling!---respectfully---RICHIE 8) My apologies I answered this post already!--Richie

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