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Post by fourthgear » Wed Jun 13, 2007 1:58 pm

I,ve been running a point coil ( late mod. ,12V.) in my Pan since I changed over to a Mallory electronic ign. and it has performed well. I just got around to changing it to a lower ohm coil by Crane ( 2.8-3 ohm)and man what a performance diff. between the two . I think my point coil is a 4-5 ohm, don't remember the exact ohm reading , I will ohm it out today and add it here . ( reading from a digital fluke is 5.3 ohms.)
The Crane coil is a Fireball duel fire one, #8-3006, it is smaller than the stock type and of course is a high out put type. The speak from the manufacturer said it would reduce lean surge on late mod. bikes and of course all the other stuff of starting better and increased torque in all power ranges, being I have a 2002 CV40 on this Pan , I thought I would give it a try since I did get a lean pop once in awhile . just enough to be slightly irritating . This coil after a hundred plus ride performed better than I expected , my starting was no diff . ,because this is a one kick starting motor ,warm or cold ,but the way she ramps up the RPMs was a big diff. from the other coil and of course ,no pop at all . I'm sure other manufacturers can achieve the same performance (Dana for one )but I chose Crane and I'm glad I did.

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