Plug reading: they appeared to be oil fouled

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Plug reading: they appeared to be oil fouled


Post by King » Thu Sep 29, 2005 2:25 am

Hi All

My plugs are still driving me nuts. As i posted earlier they appeared to be oil fouled but on closer inspection with a hand lens they are partially covered with black, shiny, baked on carbon. The grounded electrode and half of the porcelain and the center electrode are coated with the carbon while the other half of the porcelain is a dull grey to chocolate brown. Both cylinders are exactly the same.

Any ideas as to what this means?


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Re: Plug reading


Post by ozwick86 » Thu Sep 29, 2005 6:34 am


I have my Linkert off my bike at this moment due to my manifold had a gas drip. My plugs are covered with soot. I checked my carb screws and 2 of them were loose with one I had to put a helicoil in. I had the manifold resurfaced. I also checked my float setting which was at 3/8" instead of 1/4". I will install the new float I bought from Cotten and get rid of the brass float, install new o-rings and clamps. If you have a Linkert, check your carbureator float setting and check for leaks on your manifold.

Good luck!


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