20 years old plugs gone bad

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20 years old plugs gone bad


Post by panoply » Wed Aug 04, 2004 12:53 pm

This is the first summer of riding our 59pan after a two year frame-up clean-up. Yeah there are still some minor adjustments that we need to make but I've never enjoyed riding so much. After a week of putting around the NC coast line it started to sputter then backfire. Plugs turned black. Replaced them and all was fine. I'm wondering if putting around at about 30-40 mph all week played into this, or if it was just time for the plugs to go. (These plugs were new but 20 years old, they came with the bike). My buddy had his triumph down there and thought it started running poor cause of the slow pace.
Good news is the pan never got too hot cause we were able to keep moving. The bike seems to love the cool nights, I bet it will love the Fall weather even more.

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Re: 20 years old plugs gone bad


Post by VintageTwin » Wed Aug 04, 2004 1:35 pm

"Spark Plugs never really wear out", said the engineer at Champion. "They can be cleaned and reused until the interior of the plug becomes so contaminated the the plug fires off the carbon particles. At this point the plugs can be blasted and reset."

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Re: 20 years old plugs gone bad


Post by Sidecar » Thu Aug 05, 2004 11:50 am

It may be the gas formulation.
Several years ago I had trouble with spark plugs in S.C. I figured that the plugs were junk. I never used them again after I got back to PA. I sometimes wonder if it was the gas that was causing the problems and not the type of plugs I was using ????

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Re: 20 years old plugs gone bad


Post by panoply » Thu Aug 05, 2004 6:14 pm

It started acting up about 8 miles after filling up with Exxon High Octane. Hmmmm.

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Re: 20 years old plugs gone bad


Post by Jack_Hester » Thu Aug 05, 2004 9:29 pm

Water in the fuel? Happens all the time. I travel quite a bit during the Summer, on my diesel truck. Fuel injected gasoline engines can tolerate a certain amount of water. Diesels can't tolerate water. Carbureted gasoline engines don't do real well with water, as the bowl is a perfect place for it to puddle, and then starve the engine. Anyway, my point is, if it ran good, then ran bad after a fillup, suspect the fuel first, as Sidecar stated, (and, as you alluded to in your last post) or water in the fuel.
This is not to say that you don't have a plug issue. But, I think that it is secondary. In your case, and the machine is apparently new to you. Stick a couple of gapped plugs in your pocket, pouch, or wrapped in your jacket, along with a plug wrench.
If you are in N. Carolina, or almost any state on the East coast, water in fuel is a fact of life. I always figured that truck stops would have the freshest, water-free fuel. That's where I get my worst doses of it. So, I have come to expect it (I live in N. Carolina), and suspect it first.


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Re: 20 years old plugs gone bad


Post by 58flh » Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:35 pm

Yea I know this is old news!----but the truth is atleast in N.J. is you ask for high-test 93, but your getting mid-grade 89, or some fill the tanks all with the cheapo 87 octane & charge you the hi-test price!--alot of them have been getting busted ,with hi fines to go with it!--1 place payed the fine & 3 months later he was doing it all-over again!, I can tell the Diff. between the Crap & HI-TEST! MY pan is my transportation year-round--but for 2 months in winter when ICE just dont allow! So if its -hit gas, I can tell within 5 miles when I put a load-on up a hill in 3rd & ping-pong starts! The only GAS-STATION that operates within the law, atleast I never had a problem---is SUNOCO---besides thier HI-TEST is 94 octane! YOU CAN FELL the DIFFERENCE. Also when I fill-up or top-off, I add MMO-(Marvel Mystery OIL)!. I add 2 shot-glasses to 5 gallons faithfully!--IT WORKS,-WHEN you tear down for a check-up,-(I tear-down top-end every 3 yrs.--I use to do it every 2yrs.,but it was not needed!---UPPER Cylinders are clean extremly minimal ridge--I have used a dry rag on the ridge & removed PISTONS no problem! Never had to use a RIDGE-REAMER! I know what your thinking, what reamer your lifting the cylinders over the pistons!-CORRECT, After they are out they push-in with no snags! This was a test I did! (MMO) WORKS! I run ST.60wt. & add 4 ounces of LUCAS---IM not going to an explanation again ,Just want to say ITS GOOD-STUFF & it WORKS!.( A little preventive maintenance goes along way!!) WHEELS-UP-----58flh :!:

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