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Mallory distributors

Postby Roger48 » Mon Jan 02, 2006 12:40 am

Post by Roger48 on Jul 17, 2002, 8:53pm

I have a 48FL, converted to 12 volt. Any thoughts about going electronic. Scoot is a " one-kicker" half of the time but the other half is starting to hurt. First post, thanks for the info.

Post by 59pan on Jul 18, 2002, 3:45am

I use an electronic distributor and an accel coil. The bike starts and runs much better and it never gets out of tune anymore!
Also no matter how much you want to try, don't attempt the removal of your distributor without removing the front head. Broken fins will surely result otherwise.
Good Luck.

Post by VintageTwin on Jul 18, 2002, 4:00am

I saw a '50 Pan out at Stetts, at the wedding in Flynn Springs. This was an open (belt) primary. It had a Mallory electronic distributor. I was standing on the primary side when the owner started it up. The motor idled real slow. So slow that you thought it might die...but it didn't. I was watching the motor pulley (belt sheave) turn; and even though the motor was idling real slow, the pully and crankshaft never lurched. The assembly turned evenly and consistently..but real slow. It was ldling as smooth as an electric motor...but again...just at a real slow rpm. Ran good!

Post by RogerM on Jul 18, 2002, 5:12pm

Thanks for the info, I sure did'nt want to hear thar about the front jug. I am getting some oil fouling on the rear plug and was planning on tearing it down this winter. Hard to stop once you get started. Any ideas on the best shop book, always nice to have it in black and white. Most of my experience is with shovels and have not done any serious wrenching since I got an Evo. Thanks again. Roger

Post by VintageTwin on Jul 18, 2002, 5:48pm

Get the Clymers Panhead book and the OEM 1959-1969 service manual from Chuck @ Kick-Start (616) 245-8991. And get the 1958-1968 Spare Parts book too, so you can speak the Pan part number language. Our book '41-'59 (see "Books", under "General") is helpful, but does not contain the info that the Clymer book does.

Post by RogerM on Jul 19, 2002, 12:23am

I just ordered the Clymer service manual and the distributor, will let you know how it went. Thanks

Post by Cotten on Jul 19, 2002, 2:29pm

Your front head does not have to come off to remove the original unit.
Only some 1961 castings had enough finnage to interfere with removing the timer base.
I assume the new unit will diassemble for installation as well.

Post by RogerM on Jul 25, 2002, 7:10pm

Thanks for your responses, I went ahead a pulled the top end off anyway since I haven't been into this motor yet. I found a crack between the spark plug and exhaust valve on the front head. I will probally send it to Flo Dynamics for repair if I can't find a replacement
(hint). Roger

Post by Vintage Twin on Jul 26, 2002, 3:00am

Check out the Linkert Pan heads from Tedd (V-Twin). See if you can buy them separate.

Post by VintageTwin on Aug 18, 2002, 10:54pm

The distributor head of the Mallory can be removed, to install it in the motor without removing the heads.Re: Mallory Distributors
Post by dirtpandan58 on Aug 21, 2002, 6:08am

I was thinking about running electronic ignition on my '58. When I asked around ,eveything sounded real good, EXCEPT when they go out they're gone. Not like points where tou can file and adjust, or replace a bad
condenser. So I decided to stick with the ol' point system for now. But if anyone has any first hand experience with electronic,I would like to here about it. I'm still half assed thinkn' about it.

Post by VintageTwin on Aug 21, 2002, 3:43pm

I like a manual timer and everything that goes with it. In fact, the more twist, pull and turn stuff, the better. Maybe I wasn't attracted to the look of an exposed wire lead and quick-connector, it sort of stands out from the clean look of the distributor, but that's where my eyes were first drawn, when I looked at that red Pan at Flynn Springs. If the connector was slimmer, you could sheath the wire and connector with woven asphalt coated looming, except the wire feeds into the side of the distributor and not the bottom.

Post by spinpan51 on Sept 25, 2002, 3:32am

I recently put a mallory in my '51 pan shovel. I Got tired of the poor performance running and starting from my single points distributor. For about $220 the mallory is worth it easy installation without having to pull the front head off.

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