Old circuit breaker vrs Mallory

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Old circuit breaker vrs Mallory


Post by mcraeav » Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:38 pm

I checked the points on my 62 FLH and looks like I need to replace them but also noticed that when I try to move the cam it is sticky and does not come all the way back to the retard position with out you manually moving it. The bike starts easy sometime but not others. Should I fix this one or go for a new Mallory. Do you know if they make a 6 volt unit that is auto advance. Really don't want to go 12 volts I guess.

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Re: Old circuit breaker vrs Mallory


Post by fourthgear » Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:06 pm

I'm going to assume you have an auto advance unit , It probably just needs cleaning in there & lubing. Disassemble and clean . The springs may be weak also and if I remember correctly , the right ones may be hard to find or they were on the high $$ side .

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Re: Old circuit breaker vrs Mallory


Post by 58flh » Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:45 pm

GUYS anytime they dont operate smoothly!--Rip it apart! & Clean all parts with carb.cleaner!--Lightly grease the pins & as far as springs go You can buy them buy the bag!--I think 20 to a bag & come in Light, Medium & heavy!---Knowing which ones to use is on you!--If you want your Advance to come in at 2000RPM (use 1light & 1med. on each flyweight!). If your looking for 2500RPM-use med. on all. If you want 3500RPM use the Heavy on all!--You can mix-em-up depending where you want your total advace curve to kick-in!--For a stock motor (2000RPM is very desireable!).--Richie! 8) Also if your timer has reached this point!--Then check the play on the timers shaft & endplay!--Up & Down movement!& the most overlooked part the POINTS-CAM!--SET poits to a certain # & recheck on the other lobe for the same #!,-now .002 or .003 difference is nothing to give worry!--But if you have .005 or BETTER like .010 As long as shaft does not have excess play -THEN YOU NEED A POINTS CAM!.--Also under the cap of the timer ,Its a good Idea to wipe it clean with ALCOHOL! & insulate it with black electrical tape!--This will keep it from missing on those wet days when everything gets soaked from just sitting there!.This way you wont end-up kicking it 50 times olny to have it run like shit from sparks arcing out on the bare metal cap inside!.--Hope this helps some---RICHIE 8)
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Re: Old circuit breaker vrs Mallory


Post by RUBONE » Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:51 pm

There is no such thing as a 6V or 12V OEM FACTORY timer! Either one works on either system. Points and condensers are not rated for voltage! If you have an auto advance unit in there it has already been changed from stock. Your '62 would have had a dual point set-up originally with manual advance.

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