Auto Advance single point question

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Auto Advance single point question


Post by mcraeav » Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:34 pm

I read and got through the timing procedure on my 62 FLH that someone put an aftermarket single point, auto-advance unit on. I rotated the point cam clockwise to advance position and set to just light the light at the front cylinder mark in the center of the window. Now to recheck, do I just rotate the engine again to see when the light comes on without touching the point cam to advance or do I need to hold it in advance somehow to see if the timing is set correct. I did not rotate it and when the engine came back around on compression and front cylinder mark centered the light came on at that center position but the cam was in full retard (flyweights in position). Is that correct? It will be awhile till I can try to start it because I have other things apart.

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Re: Auto Advance single point question


Post by Panacea » Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:53 pm

If your auto advance timer is like mine, you can either hold the cam lobe fully advanced as you check the timeing or there may be a pair of slotted holes, one on each side of the base plate, loosen the two hold down screws then rotate the base plate counterclockwise and re-snug the screws. Now set the timing as fully advanced. After yer all set, rotate the base back to fully clockwise and re-snug the screws. Mike

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Re: Auto Advance single point question


Post by 58flh » Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:06 pm

I do mine a little differnt.---Raise the rear wheel off the ground about an inch. Then take s-plugs out, then timing hole nut., now put bike in 2nd grear, & SLOWLY turn the wheel in forward rotation until you center the line in the hole!--(if you overshoot the line ,DO NOT BACK-UP!,Go around again until you get it in the center!). BY doing it with the rear wheel, you take-up all the slack in the chains & gears--this gives you as true TDC as you can get!. Now adj.your points to .022 -(i like Bluestreak or Echlins). Hook-up your light & Advance the points cam. YOU want it to light-up as soon as the points are seperated!--you might have to move your plate a smidge one way or the other! As soon as you have it,check for .022 on the points-cam lobe!-(I check both lobes for .022--as they do wear!) but .001 or .002 eightherway wont make a difference!. The place where your .022 gap will change the most is when you tighten the ADJ. screws for the plate! Sometimes you have to go a little more or less to get a perfect .022 setting. Once you get used to setting your line in the center using the wheel--It takes me maybe 10min. to ADJ. everything! ALSO you cant get a better TOP DEAD CENTER, cause all the lash is taken up!-(under load so to say). I have been doing this on street & drag bikes as long as I can remember! It was at the track when a oldtimer showed this trick to a 13 year old kid-(me) & explained it to me!., My dad was a quarter pounder & he knew the guy so all is good!.--You will notice your bike will start MUCH MORE EASY!--Mine is a 1-kicker & has been for a long time!-2-kicks when its 26 degrees outside! :lol: .--hope this helps somebody!----RICHIE 8)

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