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Re Sticky Timer


Post by rootwad » Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:41 pm

Thanks again...
I didn't realize just how easy it is to take the top off, although I didn't take it all the way off, just lifted it a bit. The book shows an exploded view but doesn't explain. I wondered what held the bottom clip on. Now the timer is really easy to turn. If I want to tighten it up a bit, just tweak the bottom clip?
Now I have to finish making the mounting hardware for the spark advance cable. Before it just stayed where I put it. Now it doesn't. So I am off to the parts store to get the cable, inner and outer. The ones I bought from VT aren't long enough, so I figure to go the local lawn mower shop and see what they have.

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Re: Re Sticky Timer


Post by rodklop » Fri Dec 11, 2009 2:21 am

The bottom clip is held in place by the ends of the wire clip that holds the cover on. When you insert the ends of the top wire clip into the sides of the timer. they must fit into the two recesses in the bottom clip. This keeps the whole unit together. You can use a mirror to look under the timer to be sure the wire clip ends are where they should be. This will also increase tension on the rotation of the timer...Rod

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Re: Re Sticky Timer


Post by FlatHeadSix » Fri Dec 11, 2009 5:55 am

as Rod said, the wire bail that holds the dust cover on the top also holds the spring clip on the bottom. I've posted this before in other threads, you can run without the dust cover but the dust cover retainer (wire bail) must be installed so that it pulls the retainer spring up against the bottom of the timer and holds the entire assembly together.

The later parts books call the "C" clip (32585-36) a Breaker Base Retainer but the early shop manual describes what it actually is and does: Head Tension (Ground) Spring. It not only holds the entire thing together, it ensures that there is a good ground between the timer stem and the base.

Like Rod said, use a mirror or stand on your head or something to look under the timer base when you install the wire bail to make sure that the 2 ends that are inserted thru the holes in the timer base engage the bumps in the spring, BOTH of them.

If its too tight and the timer will not rotate smoothly you can relax the tension a little by bending the spring, but make sure that there is still enough tension to provide a good ground. As JohnHD said, WD-40 will also help as well as making sure that all the contacting surfaces are clean and rust free.

keep us posted, let us know how the lawn mower cable works!?

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