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re sticky timer


Post by rootwad » Sat Dec 12, 2009 7:45 pm

Hey Guys,
It is kinda funny that you should mention making sure that BOTH end of the retaining clip are where they are supposed to be: it took me a couple tries to get the inside (forward) end in place. Thanks for the tip re the clip being a ground. I started the bike after I cleaned things up and it seems to run well.
I fabricated a little control cable holder, still in the works, have one more hole to drill. It is 15 degrees here in Bremerton and I have NO heat in my shed (shop?), so I do a little at a time. Gonna get back to it later. I will post pics when I can, I have dial up and an old computer so it is a very slow process.
The only problem with the lawn mower control cable is that it is not covered, bare metal spring. I ended up just ordering one from JP for $15. I figured that the bare wire would rust inside. It is working well to let me set everything up, and I will just replace it when the part comes.
My top triple tree must be after-market as it doesn't have a elongated hole between the risers for the wires to go thru. I have a friend that runs a CNC machine, makes parts for Boeing, so he's going to cut the hole and line it with titanium. Pretty cool.
Anyway, thanks again for the imput.
aka rootwad

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