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Fork Cup Tool


Post by VintageTwin » Thu Mar 25, 2004 2:22 am

The height difference between the '49-59 race (left) and the '60-up race (right).
We need something to remove the bottom cup and I need to make it Fred Flintstone style. Here are six washers that measure 1-1/4" dia. The O.D. of the cup stem is 1.330". The O.D. of the washer stack is 1.245". There is 0.085" clearance for the washer to flop into position (once both sides of the stack are ground-off enough, so that the stack will fit through the cup stem opening). I'm going to clean the metal on both sides of each washer. Clamp them together and braze them and make a laminate. Then, grind off both sides. Then stick it up through the bottom cup and into the headstock. Flip it around into postion with a screwdriver and use it as a slug to pound against with a 7/8' dia. blunt-nose drift from through the hole in the top cup. Three things can foil my plan: 1. The stack shifts while being brazed or brazing doesn't penetrate the washer layers. 2.The O.D. of the washer is to large to allow the slug to flop, once inserted into the headstock of the frame. 3. Bashing de-laminates the brazened-stack.
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