Triple tree

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Triple tree


Post by harpo55 » Tue Apr 08, 2008 2:58 pm

Description: The stainless cover for the triple tree does no fit

Post by harpo55 on May 30, 2004, 6:57pm

Help! The stainless cover for the triple tree does no fit. The frame is a 58' Duo and is registered as such, however I have not pulled the tanks to check the #'s. The width of the tin is about 3/8" too narrow at the bottom, and the holes are about 1/2" farther apart on the tin than the holes on the tree. The triple tree measures thus: Top to bottom = 7 7/8"; side to side at bottom = 12 1/2"; side to side at top = 11 1/2"; side mount holes are 6 3/4" center to center, and the risers are 5" center to center. I am guessing that this is not a stock triple tree. Can anyone tell me whether it is or not or how I can find out. Thanks, Dan :'(

Post by Mbskeam on May 30, 2004, 7:34pm

hello, is your tin real or repop? I just measured mine and come up with this:
riser-4 3/4 c to c
top width- 11 1/2
bott. width-12 1/2
side mount-6 5/8 c to c
part of my tin is real oem and the part that is not , well took some time with a lot of pulling and stretching of things to get it to fit nice.

Post by harpo55 on May 30, 2004, 7:48pm

I have 2 covers, both stainless, and of course both off of ebay. The seller of the last one claimed it was OEM for what thats worth. It certainly looks to be old enough with the wear. He thinks that the triple tree on my bike is possibly from a later model. this was his reply:

The holes on the tins and the aluminum covers both should be 61/2" apart.I
think you have later model triple trees,such as Heritage or even Flt's they
are wider as you describe only because the threaded boss is thicker. you may
be able to grind that down.But if I were you I would sell these and get tins
for the later models.

Post by fasted53 on May 30, 2004, 8:19pm

harpo55, Sorry I cant help you with your problem, but I am a big Mark Twain fan. Great quote! Ed

Post by harpo55 on May 30, 2004, 8:33pm

Thanks Ed-Twains Life on the Mississippi got me through my carpenters apprenticeship. I'm prepared to stretch, drill and pound the piss out of the tin if I have to, as long as I am reasonably sure the the part is at least supposed to be the right one

Post by shaker on May 31, 2004, 6:26am

i have a old oem hydra glide tin that mount holes measures 6.75 c to c , is 13.25 wide at bottom,1ft at top , if that helps any, it fit my 49 i took it off to put on one of the plain top tin's , that i know is aftermarket and it will not fit, the holes on the afermarket are to close , 6.5

Post by harpo55 on May 31, 2004, 3:26pm

Thanks for the input. You original tin would be a do able fit. I will keep my eyes open for another, and this time get measurements ahead of time. I wonder if the trees were modified after 59' to fit the nacille headlight, and if that is what I have. Thanks again.

Post by shaker on May 31, 2004, 4:44pm

i don't know if they changed or not, i had a 61 that i put together out of parts it was an old chopper that i tryed to dechop, , so i dont know if it was the original trees or not but i put a aftermarket set of tins on it had to drill and hammer to get them to fit.

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Re: Triple tree


Post by jim1952 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:12 pm

HI, I am going through a similar situation with a 51 I am trying to rebuild.. front tin holes appear to be about 1/4 inch too shy of the distance between upper and lower tree fork tin holes.. Bottom tree is off of a 68 and the top is a 51 vintage..Tin is one I bought through ebay site and looks to be old enough .. I will measure the CC but .. does anyone know if the 68 lower tree has different dimensions than that of a 1951 era tree? or are the fork cups and bearings possibly different..? Jim

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Re: Triple tree


Post by PanPal » Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:48 pm

see if this thread helps

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