Hydra-Glide forks

Information on forks/springers/shocks
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Hydra-Glide forks


Post by FlatHeadSix » Thu May 22, 2008 3:57 am

A testimonial....

I hit the mother of all potholes Sunday morning, looked like a crater in Baghdad. It nearly threw me over the bars and I ate up about 50 yards of ditch before I got it back up on the pavement. LUCKY is all I can say!

It shook and wobbled all the way back home. When I got it up on the lift and pulled all the sod and mud out from under it the only real damage was the rear wheel. Both wheels hit the hole square and solid but the hydraulic forks took up enough shock to save the front wheel. The back wheel wasn't so lucky. I still can't believe you can destroy a rim like that just by hitting a pothole.

I swapped it out last night with another star hub I had in the shop and its back on the road.



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Post by 51Hog » Thu May 22, 2008 5:01 am

That must have been quite the hole.
Up here the state or county (Borough) can be held liable for those type of damages. Or so it is said. I have no personal experience on the matter.
Glad you were able to ride it out---

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Post by Cotten » Thu May 22, 2008 11:51 am

We are all very thankful that you are not hurt!

Is the rim an original Kelsey-Hayes or a modern replacement?


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Post by Panacea » Fri May 23, 2008 1:46 am

Mike, I hit a hole on a back country, re-cycled ground up asphalt road last fall, I saw it coming just in time to at least get my ass off the seat. The back wheel bounced at least two feet up off the road while I hung on for dear life, after I got her stopped I noticed the handlebars were bent down about six inches cause the back end went up so fast. I'm more cautious now....Mike



Post by VT » Fri May 23, 2008 3:18 am

If you're going repop, get a Perma-Chromeâ„¢, 16", big-stem hole for rubber-stem pre-'61, and if you buy anything in the states, give Kick-Start a call first (616) 245-8991 to see if it's stock (they have the repop '55-72 rear tail lights for Pan) and keep it a close circle for awhile....until the manufacturers get the message that Panhead people are a different "cut" of person, who you deal some respect too, along with the parts.

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Post by FlatHeadSix » Fri May 23, 2008 3:43 am

The rim is a replacement, but its been on there for years, I think I may have gotten it from George Lamont in Chicago (Midwest Cycle Supply, Throttle Masters, or whatever they're going by these days). The original Kelsey-Hayes wheel and hub are what went back on the bike the other night.

All I remember is that when I laced it up to an OEM hub it was dead nuts first try, the offset was nearly perfect and it was almost true, both run out and lateral, when I put it on the truing stand.

I may have jumped the gun on singing the praises of the '49 hydraulic forks. I rode the bike to work today, about 65 miles round trip, and I have a lot of shake in the front end. The front wheel is coming off this weekend for a closer inspection.

I have probably mentioned that I lived in Superior, WI and worked in Duluth for about 20 years ( a LONG time ago), I'm very familiar with the quality of the pavement in that neck of the woods. In the spring, after the frost comes out of the ground, the roads seem to heave up like there was an earthquake. It takes the highway department all summer to fix things up and the cycle repeats itself. We always used to say that there were 2 seasons: Winter and Construction.

I wish I had seen that pothole soon enough to get up off the seat and brace myself, I have a serious bruise on my right shin from the engine guard. I actually believe that the only thing that kept me on the bike was that I must have hooked my right boot on the guard, it kept me from going over the windshield. Like you said, the rear wheel was airborn, probably about 2 feet.



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Post by kevsett » Fri May 23, 2008 1:46 pm

As our state and federal governments continue to spiral out of control and put our money into deep, dark pits with little to no accountability I think a lot of roads may go the way of deep, dark pits. Hey, maybe I'll look in the next Missouri road pothole I come across and see if that's one of the pits the government is stuffing our money into! Course if it was one would think that a car or bike wouldn't bottom out when passing over it.

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