Push rod adjustment

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Re: Push rod adjustment


Post by Holtvintage »

 Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:24 pm

Here is what I think I've learned. I noticed that with a little effort I could screw the adjuster down with my fingers to overcome the hydraulic unit's spring tension. I could feel it bottoming out abruptly. To verify this ( for my own peace of mind) I took a open end wrench and pressed down at the adjuster to confirm no down play. Then i backed it off a 1/4 turn, checked downward and could feel movement. Now I know that by using just my fingers I could ( as the manual said " completely compressed " ) the unit. I again lengthened the adjuster till it bottomed out with my fingers and then shortened the adjuster 1-1/2 turns = 8 flats. To answer my own question, yes when properly adjusted I could spin the rod with my fingers. I couldn't precisely tell when the unit spring was fully compressed and the valve spring tension started by just using wrenches. I think i could tell i was getting valve spring tension but couldn't be sure when exactly. Hopefully this clarifies this task for the next novice shovelhead owner. If anyone with personal experience can clarify / correct something that I have written here please don't hesitate to say something. Thanks
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Re: Push rod adjustment


Post by RUBONE »

You should always be able to spin the pushrod with hydraulic units. The whole idea is they are not under load, but fill to zero clearance in operation. The standard setting used to be compressed 1/8 inch from zero on stock factory units. Some aftermarket differ so you must use the maker's specs. 1-1/2 turns is 9 flats on a hex nut...

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