57 panhead oiling

Lubrication System (oil feed pump and scavenger pump, reservoir, filter, and lines)
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57 panhead oiling


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hey guys,
New to the site and it looks great. Have an oiling issue that hopefully you can help with. We're running a '57 pan with shovel heads in a new custom chopper that we just finished. 57 pan with a new S&S oil pump, remote oil filter and round custom oil bucket,also s&s super e carb. The motor was rebuilt about 10 yrs ago with a slight cam but nothing crazy at all, but never run untill now. I'm running an oil gage "t"d into oil pump fitting and rocker box hard line. It reads 60 psi when running ! also have engine oil coming out the mainshaft seal. I fiqure the engine isn't breathing right ? Oil lines are correct. Anyone have a suggestion ? I know pressure should be way down, scared I will fry bottem end.Can someone tell me how the engines breath and or what I'm over looking ? Thanks fellas!

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Re: 57 panhead oiling


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It's not unusual for a tight pan motor to read 60 p.s.i. when cold with 60wt H-D (reg heavy) motor oil at a fast idle. Don't be surprised if it reads 10 lbs or less when hot. Service manual say pan motors should read 35 lbs pressure @ 35mph in high gear with oil at operating temp. I'm bettin more don't than do....bosheff

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Re: 57 panhead oiling


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The crankcase breather exits into the primary cover on a stocker. Is it still open , re-routed, or possible blocked off? If it isn't open the cases will pressurize making oil come out all over. It is through the rear center case bolt. Are the cases stock H-D? Aftermarket? When the engine was originally built was the internal breather gear timed correctly? Lots of possibilities to look at! Go over each one carefully!

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