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Well, everytime I pull of my cam cover the bolt that goes through the circuit breaker drive gear is loose. I keep red lock tightning it, but it still comes loose. Now where the steel shaft goes up in the case, the case has been bored out around the shaft. (from wobbling around)
I wander if I tightning the screw, puddle some aluminum weld around it, if I can unscrew the shaft and still get it out to refinish the new weld? Anybody done this? Ive had several people tell me to green loc-tite it and forget about it. Im afraid the bolt would break and then I would really be up a creek. How much pressure is really on this shaft? Who can repair it in the U.S.? And roughly how much money would you think this would cost? My case are split to replace the pinion shaft, so this would be a good time to repair the case... Thanks pano

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Re: repair or not to repair


Post by Jonderson »

Hey pano.

What I would not do is go with the green loctite option for the very reason you said. The only thing that you would accomplish is giving yourself added frustration that you do not need, without putting yourself any further ahead than you are now, and possibly putting yourself further behind!
I have no idea whether the aluminum weld idea would work, but even if it did I would still question whether it would work well. My own personal approach is that if something needs fixing, fix it right. That doesn't mean that I can't get rubber gaskets at the hardware store, but it does mean that I don't do "band-aid" fixes. It might mean replacing the case, it might not. If that is what seems to be indicated though, I would do it and not look for a cheap way out...that is going to be temporary and may end up causing you more trouble later.

As far as how much it will know the drill I am sure. Good luck!

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Re: repair or not to repair


Post by toolscum »

Could you have a machinist "sleeve" it?

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Re: repair or not to repair


Post by BigMike »

There is (or perhaps was) an old guy at the HD dealership in Utica NY (Don's HD) named Ben Urgan who has done outstanding case repair work for me in the past. (1991 or so the last time) He ultrasonic cleans the case, uses an oven to heat the case to proper temp for welding, totally fills area to be repaired, then machines the aluminium to exact original specs. (he also glass beads anything which can be seen once assembled) you cannot tell the repaired case has ever been touched. This may not be a concern on the right side, but on the left with the serial number, it can be critical. The Highway Patrol and DMV have a nasty habit of confiscating bikes with serial number problems, even if you can produce good documentation. Even if your pride and joy is returned, it can be expensive and painful. (been there, done that, that's how I ended up getting experience with Ben fixing originals)

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Re: repair or not to repair


Post by Andygears »

I have seen cases at swap meets that have been filled with weld and remachined. I also took apart a motor that the circuit breaker shaft backed out of the case, wobbled around until, it chipped the spiral gear, and the chip locked the return pump, and sheared the key, oil filled the cases till it puked out the breather.

Is there a layout of the right side gear center dimensions somewhere in the knowledge base? Someone must have this drafted somewhere and would be an asset to us all if they could post it. Thank you.


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Re: repair or not to repair


Post by RUBONE »

That is a common issue. Phil at "Knuckleworks" can repair it correctly for you.

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Re: repair or not to repair


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Something similar to this?
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