case sealant

Bottom End (crankcases and crankshaft)
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case sealant


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Looking for guidance re a case sealant to use to prevent oils seepage through the pores of the case.
An epoxy base paint ?


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I have encountered certain epoxies, and an isocyanate urethane, that survive modern fuel well enough to trust within a motorcase.
I don't think either is available from retail sources.

Our OHV's have the carb on the wrong side: It points upward when leaning upon the jiffystand. Thus, a pesky petcock (or just forgetting to use it...) can allow seepage to drain down into the combustion chambers and past the rings to contaminate the oil.

A sprocketshaft seal can even let it fill the cases far enough to create a dangerous situation.

Legend has it that the original coating was Gasoila. Until modern times the industry standard was Glyptal.
Neither survived my tests with P4gas, even when baked.


old bob


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Check Knowledge Base Page 11 Engine case seal

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Panhead, thanks for posting the link, I looked for an hour yesterday for page 11, my curiosity amazes me. My last two rebuilds(different bikes) did use Yammabond, although I don't know which formula, with good results. Mike

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