Worried about tappet rollers

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Worried about tappet rollers


Post by panwars »

Hi all,

I just finished assembling the 1961 FL and am having second thoughts on my choice of tappets. I went with a company I have not heard of before called "Eastern" USA made, stock replacement style. I have since seen Jim's big axle tappets for not much more. They are very easy to change out now and not so easy if they have failed (ouch). If any body has experience or opinion on either I would like to hear it please.



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Re: Worried about tappet rollers


Post by stroker93 »

I have been in your shoes,,,when building my motor the tappets had worried me..I purchased a set V Twins and converted to solids,,,before getting the bike finished I had ordered a set of Jim's for shovelhead along with new blocks. I was worried after putting all that money into the motor,now the only thing I want to change out is the rockers.

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Re: Worried about tappet rollers


Post by steinauge »

I have used quite a few eastern parts over the years.quality is generally not bad as aftermarket parts go.I generally pull and inspect the tappets in my engines every few months anyhow.When I built my U engine I actually found a set of NOS H.D tappets of the type that didnt have needle bearings in them,wish I had a steady supply!

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Re: Worried about tappet rollers


Post by Cotten »

I have used Eastern's parts for many, many years;
Only recently has their quality control suffered.
(If their carb parts are a fair sampling, they no longer have any QC at all!)

The tappets themselves have always been fine, but the rollers are the critical aspect, and now likely sourced from the Subcontinent.

My personal opinion about JIMS is that they abandoned their high standards of quality replacement parts for competitive gimmickery and fatal "better ideas".

If original tappets are not badly worn, then installing a set of 'BRVI' ( marketed by Crane) or Torrington rollers would be the most sensible (and cost effective) approach.



Re: Worried about tappet rollers


Post by VT »

This the best set up available for solid lifters. All American, from the tappet roller to the rocker end of the push rods.

1. S&S 93-9059 Solid steel push rods (Big end matches the rocker arms.)
2. The JIMS adjustable tappets are listed and boxed as Big Axle. Maybe they'll have Big Axle, maybe not. When it comes to solid push rod tappets, you take whatever JIMS has in stock and still be ahead mechanically 25k miles down the road.

Here's the literature that ships with JIM tappets. © JIMS® - Camarillo, Calif.
Note: OEM tappet guides above are honed 0.010" o.s.

Here's the scoop on V-Twin's guides :
These cast iron blocks look OK. Bores are nice and smooth. Standard tappet bodies fit like they should. Use the no-return-hole gaskets J&P # 15-0236 (set).
Note: I would have needed to grind off the 3/16" line of over-casting. It made contact with the rear cylinder base and prevented the guide from seating level on the deck. Outside of that, the guides look worth the price. Do the tappet rollers sit level on the cam lobe? That would be for a lab to determine.
They drop in a set of OEM crankcases perfectly. The holes line up. The guides come with both 24 and 20-pitch Allen screws.
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