S&S Super E carburetor: hard hot starting

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S&S Super E carburetor: hard hot starting


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Hard hot starting with S&S Super E carburetor
Post by sidecar on Sept 17, 2002, 2:54pm

I removed the bendix carb from my 48 and put an E carb on it. It starts great when cold and the throttle response is great also, but I have a hot starting problem. It doesn`t want to start while hot. I was told that I need a non-metalic spacer between the intake and carb to stop the heat transfer and that would fix the problem. With the bendix carb, I had to shoot fuel in with the accelerator pump and then kick it a few times to get it to start. If it didn`t start in three kicks I had to do it again.
I haven`t figured out the E series hot starting procedure yet. Can someone tell me what it is?
I`m playing and learning so lemme know what you think.

Post by Panhead

Check the KB: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=4419 there you can find a lot of info about your carb

Post by sidecar

I started this out incorrectly. I should have said that I had a bike shop do this. I let them do it because they have a dyno.
It seems to me that the insulator block has been left out of the installation. I`m going to have to take a closer look to see if this is what they did.
I`m beginning to wonder.................

Thanx for the link to S&S!
I`m printing the manual right now......

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Is this a bike shop, Harley shop or Harley dealership?

Post by sidecar

Dan, it`s a Harley Shop that handles Norton`s, Triumph, BSA and Enfields also. [ Not a Harley dealership ]
I haven`t had a chance to look at the intake yet. After reading the S&S info I find that the spacer may be the 1 inch thick Shovel spacer that lets the carb clear the tank. I have to go there to pick up a shifter gate so I think that I`ll ask about it and see what happens

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If the carb is jetted right when its hot you just throttle it twice and kick with the gas off it should start. Thats the good thing about the E model and accelerator pump. I would look at the jets if the problem is still there I never ran a spacer on my 56 FLH and 66 FLH and they are both jetted identically with a 70 main and don't remember secondary off hand. But its the factory jet. You don't want to flood it and it will easily when hot....

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Run an E on my 63 and running jets depends on your elevation above sea level. The manual you downloaded should help you most but will tell you from my experience that when hot, your should be able to kick first time. You may be either running too lean on your jets or to lean on your enrichener screw. Check your plugs, they should be a tan color after highway speed. If white then your too lean. If you can't start after you are hot, then you may be flooding usually caused by playing the throttle while kicking. If flooded, turn your ignition and fuel off, open your throttle full and kick over three times to clear your cylinders. Then open your fuel turn on your ignition, LEAVE YOUR THROTTLE ALONE AND kick over. It should start. Good luck. The accelerator pump may also need adjusting out a bit. After you fart around and fine tune, the E is a great carb.

Post by sidecar

Someone had told me not to worry about the hot starting until I get some miles on the bike. After I hit 1000 miles I took notice of how the bike was starting. Cold starts are 2 squirts, enrichener and two kicks. Warm starts usually need a squirt and a kick. Hot starts seem to require just a kick.
I dunno, but it sure starts a lot easier now than when the carb was first installed and there were no adjustments made to it after the Dyno setup.

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Re: S&S Super E carburetor: hard hot starting


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you have ben a lot of help , my 58 pan some thing carb , hot starting

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Re: S&S Super E carburetor: hard hot starting


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To start when HOT!. & I mean you just shut it off to buy a pack of smokes-then its time to go. You should only have to bring it up on compression stroke, use no throttle!--Hit the ignition & KICK-bike should fire! Thats the way I handled both my S&S-B & S&S-E carbs. If it doesent fire in 1 or 2 kicks,somethings amiss!-Usually a Vacuum-leak will act like this! Check the manifold o-rings!#1,. Also check your timing-must be dead-on!. .022 point gap & use a voltmeter or testlight when you advance the poit-cam--as soon as points breakopen light will come on-voltmeter will read 12v. This is where you lock it in & recheck, you will see the gap changed or light did not come on when it should of! REDO & compensate for plate warpage till its dead-nuts!, Also when doing this the timing mark should be centered in the inspection hole!-Ive been setting bikes up this way if they are kick or electric-start with 100% RESULTS. Now this is assuming your runnig a stock or close to stock cam!!!. Hope this helps you out!. (Good-Luck)-58flh Almost forgot the 1" spacer I always use!!-put 1 on.--58flh :!:

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Re: S&S Super E carburetor: hard hot starting


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U may want to look at valve adjustment too if running solids.

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