Primary Chain?? Lubes?

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Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by kehughes »

I bought a new Diamond chain for my '50. It has some kind of lubricant on it straight out of the box. Do these things come ready to install or do I need to soak it in some heated oil or anything? Also, I read some stuff on here about people using the PJ1 lube and turning off their oilers. Im thinking about trying that. If so, do I need to clean off my new chain before spraying the PJ1 on?

What kind of PJ1 are you guys using? the Black or the Blue label ???

Recommendations? Thanks


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Re: Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by beets »

I tried turning off the oiler and lubing with spray lube. Didn't work - the chain "burned." I think it is because the chain is turning at a higher RPM.

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Re: Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by Cotten »


I'll vote for washing out the heavy "slush" pre-lube,
re-lubeing with oil or whatever,
and leaving your oiler open, damn the driveway....

Its been many years, but I was not impressed with the Diamond rear-chain longevity after they switched to the dark "slush".


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Re: Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by 1951 adam »

If the chain oiler is properly adjusted and checked as recommended it works fine , it is what it is. You could always run a belt, but I like a good old chain. I did the chain lube thing on my norton model 18, worked ok but different style chain.

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Re: Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by Huck »

Can’t help it, always makes me grin to myself when I leave a puddle with the ohso pristine HD dealer.

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Re: Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by kehughes »

Definitely keeping the chain. Guess I'll clean the new chain in the parts washer, dry it off real good, and let it soak in some heated up oil for 20 minutes or so.. Then run with the oiler.. thanks for the input

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Re: Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by 58flh »

Remove the lube on the diamond!--& use your oiler!!!--ADJ. to your riding style & If your going daily--When I do my 400-500 mile ADJ. I have to add 3/4 of a QT.--Its most important that BOTH CHAINS ARE WET to the touch!--When you open the inspection hole It should be SHINY!& Wet looking. If you rub your finger on the primary-chain & it comes out DARK & DRY/-Good chance the chains life is compromised!--I get 14 to 16K out of my chains!--When $$$ was an issue & I needed a chain for the primary--I had to get a CC-RYDER & at 9K with good lube It was toast already!--I ran it for 3K more & Tranny was as far as it could be pulled & had a 2-inch deflection!---Im glad you got the Diamond-$100 & a piece of mind itl go dor 2yrs. before another new one!!--Cotton had mentioned to me about SAPHIRE-CHAINS!--There $39 or $44 & he has had good reports from the ones he installed!---Just throwing it out there for Guys reading this OVERLOOKED-IMPORTANT thing called a CHAIN :lol: -----RICHIE 8)---I almost forgot, after you soak your rear chain & primary---you can put wheelbering grease in a coffe can & heat it until the grease is soup & drop your chains in ther for a few!--When the grease cools to a touch -remove & EVERY-LINK & Roller is BEST LUBED! & ready to break-in.They say there already stretched on the package :roll: There not!/& you will see that in your first 100-miles on any NEW CHAIN!

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Re: Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by james »

Just a note to Richies heating up the grease to liquid state, don't do this in the house or closed garage. Can get nasty. To clean the chain I soak it in ATF for a few days then hang it up to drip out. You'll find a lot of dirt in the bottom of the pan after soaking.

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Re: Primary Chain?? Lubes?


Post by JR JOHNSON »

back in the day I'd clean the chain,soak the chain in chainsaw bar oil,warm from the sun,and cold,before a trip,or new,change my ways to a belt drive in the 80s.........................with respect .....JR....

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