Bent Windshield Tip

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Bent Windshield Tip


Post by andyinlz »

The original H-D windshield on my '59 spent many years under a heavy tarp while mounted on the bike.

As a result, the top few inches of the windshield are bent backwards a bit.

While I can explain it as a consequence of a sustained rate of high speed :) , it would be nice to attempt to return the windshield to its original state.

Any hints, suggestions or cautions?

Leave it out in the sun?

Hot water?

Let time take its course and its "memory" will return it to its original glory?

Be thankful I have it and leave it alone as a badge of its age?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Bent Windshield Tip


Post by james »

How bad is it bent back, a picture would be nice.
Personally, I would make a clamp type setup with wood on each side of the windshield bead at the bend and slightly below.
Gently warm it up with a air heat gun paying close attention by feel and distance of the gun from the work.
As it warms up gently start clamping it down pushing it to it's original shape.
Let us know how it goes.


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Re: Bent Windshield Tip


Post by tomfiii »

Use caution here as you do not want to bend it back faster than the material will allow itself or you will end up with a reverse bend next to the original bend.

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Re: Bent Windshield Tip


Post by 58flh »

Im a Glazier!--I can tell you how to get it back to normal ,(but its not going to be easy!)---#1 you have to make 2-pcs. of hardwood like oak from a good pallet is fine,,Then you have to cut the CURVE to exact Dimension!-(this will be used as a clamp for final Attemt at getting the correct curve!.--Being that the shield is obviously old & was bent from HEAT & weight of tarp or whatever protected it.,You MUST be ABSOLUTLY PACIENT in getting it back to form!--Get a propane torch,(this will be used on the EDGES on the TOP of the shield!.--BUT before that you must bring the temp. of the acrylic to 120-130,degrees!---On a hot sunny day just lay a piece of newspaper on the asphault & take readings with a thermo-or a Electric gizmo!.--When that temp is reached & the closer to (130-degrees)-The easier for you & ,(no spider/web stress cracks can develop!)--Put the shield on a warm piece of plywood that was sitting next to the shield!--(it helps to keep temp-up!,If you never attempted this ,then a 1/8 piece of steel laying in the sun will be better for you as now you have to work FAST so not to lose to much temp!.NOW --place the OAK -CURVED pieces on the shield & use parallell clamps to snug-up!-(use 2).HEAT the EDGE OLNY on the bad part & Slowly tighten the clamps!---You may have to do this 5-6 times before its sitting perfectly clamped tight on your jig!.--LEAVE the clamps & wood-jig on & let it cool to ambient temp.The final step after reaching room temp. is to run the torch on the curved edge again!--You will see it CLEAR-UP like GLASS!--STOP there & let cool & you have a back to original windshield!---(The trick is dont hold the torch in 1-spot to long -keep it moving like 2-inches every 5-seconds,& have everything ready to go as your next step comes!----Respectfully --RICHIE

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